BSA Film Friday: 10.04.13



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: Hot Tea “Rituals”, Gabriel Specter: “Structures” in Rome, Faith47, Omen, Ricardo Cavolo and Jasper Wong in Montreal, TOUR 13 in Paris, and Then One “Yard Work”.

BSA Special Feature: Hot Tea “Rituals”

In his second attempt at installing on the walkway leading up the Williamsburg Bridge, Street Artist Hot Tea and a few dedicated friends installed a high impact piece that redrew the public space. If you happened upon it, you were surprised by its simplicity and effectiveness. If you examined it, you realized the time and effort it took. This new video helps to appreciate the latter.

(Top image above © Jaime Rojo)

Specter Goes Geometric in Rome

Gabriel Specter just finished this monochromatic geometric piece under an overpass in Rome – working with the Blind Eye Factory. Where is that chalk snap line doohickey?  I just had it here. I hope I didn’t throw it away with my lunch bag and half eaten sandwich….


Specter. Rome 2013. (photo © Lorenzo Gallitto – Blind Eye Factory)


Faith47, Omen, Ricardo Cavolo and Jasper Wong in Montreal

In a promotional program for a luxury real estate complex of penthouses and townhouses, Street Artists Faith 47, Omen, Ricardo Cavolo and Jasper Wong each did murals in downtown Montreal recently.

TOUR 13 in Paris

You will be hearing a lot more about this project that has just opened in Paris. Graffiti and Street Artists and just plain artists have been taking over abandoned or soon to be destroyed real estate for decades, and this is the newest example of a semi-curated show within one. It is great to see the range of talent and new directions that a project like this can take, and to see a centralized location for fans to visit – before it is all destroyed.

Tour Paris 13 by tourparis13

Then One “Yard Work”

A nicely paced piece by Then One is captured here and edited By SERRINGE. Watching this intimate relationship of the artist to the wall and thinking about fall – not too hot, air a little crisp; You might expect to see Then One collapse into a pile of leaves.


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