TONE Animates a Wall for Urban Forms in LODZ


Painter, muralist, illustrator and animator TONE (Robert Proch) has just completed the 27th mural for the Urban Forms festival in Lodz and has brought a touch of surreality and movement that hints at other art forms now occupying minds in the contemporary art world. Whether video, animation or projection mapping, our imaginations are taking flight via technological innovation and the natural comfort which digital natives have working in the virtual world.


TONE. Detail. Urban Forms 2013. Lodz, Poland. (photo © Urban Forms/Michał Bieżyński)

The Polish born TONE may have only recently completed formal studies in fine art but he brings to his static abstract mural work a sense that there are dimensions in the digital realm that are enveloping; cycling whirlpools of flying planes and fragments that carry us and as we swim and bob along into and out of each others field of vision.


TONE. Detail. Urban Forms 2013. Lodz, Poland. (photo © Urban Forms/Michał Bieżyński)


TONE. Urban Forms 2013. Lodz, Poland. (photo © Urban Forms/Michał Bieżyński)

A very striking, elegant, and well-told story via animation by Robert Proch from a few years ago gives you an idea of the level of sophistication involved with his work and process.

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