Troy Lovegates and the Murals of Summer

For those of you north of the Equator who have been announcing that Summer is over, may we remind you that we still have till Saturday the 21st so keep playing in the sun together with short sleeves on till darkness starts invading and the smell of dinner wafts out of windows as you skateboard past them back home.

Further north of here in Canada, Street Artist Troy Lovegates (aka Other) hit some rails with his bud’s Labrona and Alex Produkt this summer and he got in some swimming too, he tells us. He also traveled around a little and knocked out some murals with some brushes instead of cans.

Oh no, does that mean he’s not “Street”?  Uh, no.

He gives BSA readers some detail about the pieces below the images.


Troy Lovegates in Montreal with the MU Project. “A giant wall … my first attempt at painting only with brush,” he says. Also, “I like my lungs.” (photo © Troy Lovegates)


Troy Lovegates in Toronto with Kwest and Bacon. (photo © Troy Lovegates)

Can’t call yourself a Canuck and not include a hockey player in your repetoire, right? This one was conjured during a reunion that Grandpa Troy had with some of the other geezers in BSM crew he used to get up with back in da day.  “Damn the graffiti crew I am in turned 20 !!!! All the old men got together and painted a giant wall … here is a hockey player I put up and the fringes is insane lettering by Kwest and Bacon,” he says. Next stop, coffin painting because Mr. Lovegates is obviously one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel.


A collaborative piece with Troy Lovegates in pied colored chose before a panther-seal-ish figure by Saddo in Halifax. (photo © Troy Lovegates)

“One of my favorite artists on this planet is Saddo from Romania. He had an art exhibition on the East coast of Canada and  the gallery space hooked us up with a giant wall and a lift,” says Lovegates.  “So we freestyled this masked man walking with a mythical beast “


Troy Lovegates in Wisconsin in collaboration with Pawn Works. (photo © Troy Lovegates)

“I was invited by Pawn Works out to Sheboygan, Wisconsin to spend the week in a park with my shoes off painting a toilet shelter,” he says with glee. “It’s a super fun part of the world, with bonfires on the beach,” he says of the project that is run by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.


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