RERO Spells Trouble in Cali

Oh wait, did I say that all men are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights?  Strike that. I meant all rich white straight men who own media, banks, oil, water, food and politicians. Now, can we get on with this?

RERO (photo © Fabien Castanier Gallery)

French Street Artist RERO has a unique “strike out” function to the text he applies to walls, one that draws your attention to their meaning, and simultaneously negates them in crisp mechanical fashion. The power of language is highlighted here more than the aesthetics of the painting, although it is all by hand. With irony, RERO is hearkening back to early Street Art/public art textualists like Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and later Cost/Revs, who let words stand on their own and on their ear, keeping you on your toes, on alert.

RERO (photo © Fabien Castanier Gallery)

RERO may be employing just enough insider jokes that reference modern life and computer language nomenclature to see if you are paying attention or  perhaps just to draw attention to his art and to the story he wants to tell.




Tonight when his solo show opens at the Fabien Castanier Gallery in Studio City, CA a new wordsmith will have his say. Here are photos of his new wall in preparation for his show exclusively for BSA readers.

RERO (photo © Fabien Castanier Gallery)

Vintage book, mixed media with resin
20″ x 20″ 2012.  (photo © Heather Oakley/Fabien Castanier Gallery)

RERO “Image Not Available” opens tonight. Click here for further details.