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RERO – “Ophiuchus” in Paris

RERO – “Ophiuchus” in Paris

The artist Rero began his journey as a graffiti writer in his teens, and a quarter century later, he is still provoking audiences with text. Paris streets may have hosted his initial exploration of language and symbolism. Still, as a street art hero of the last decade and a half, it’s his canvasses that have garnered his texts attention at Centre Pompidou, CentQuatre, and Grand Palais in Paris, as well as the MAC/VAL in Vitry-sur-Seine, MAC in Bogota, and the Art Science Museum in Singapore, among others.

RERO. Untitled (BUSY DOING NOTHING…), 2023. Spray paint on stone. (Image courtesy of Rero and backslash, Paris)

His latest exhibition, titled “Ophiuchus,” continues his exploration of language and symbolism, the art of cancellation and negation, with a thick black line that strikes through words and expressions, or, conversely, connects them, resembling Sanskrit calligraphy. At the moment, he is focusing on the symbolism of the snake through history; “The polysemous theme of the snake has inspired Rero for several years,” says the press release. “Initially intrigued by the ability of this cold-blooded animal to shed its skin, the artist is now questioning the symbolism of the snake according to each culture, using the Ophiuchus constellation as a prelude to his reflections.”

RERO. OPHIUCHUS (Serpentarius), 2023, artwork fragment. (Image courtesy of Rero and backslash, Paris)

This is a conceptual act, of course, examining and eventually killing the snake. The contradictions in his selecting, the crossing out of words and phrases. Looking at the thematic act, you may wonder to whom or what is he referring as the serpentine today, or is this strictly a historical investigation, as we turn toward Ophiuchus for an explanation, as he holds the serpent in both hands.

RERO. Untitled (HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH…), 2023. Paint on canvas. (Image courtesy of Rero and backslash, Paris)
RERO. Untitled (HOW TO LIVE…), 2023. Paint on canvas. (Image courtesy of Rero and backslash, Paris)
RERO. Untitled (THE PARTY IS OVER…), 2023. Burt wood. (Image courtesy of Rero and backslash, Paris)

RERO / Ophiuchus

From June 10 to July 15
Opening Saturday, June 10 from 2 to 8pm in the presence of the artist. Click HERE for more details about the works.

29 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris

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BSA Images Of The Week: 01.29.23

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.29.23

Welcome to BSA Images of the Week!

End of January, beginning of looking forward to spring. With warmer, wetter weather than we’ve had in years, we also have some plants popping up from the soil that we wouldn’t expect till March or April. This week has been a good show for street art and graffiti, though.

Unfortunately, demonstrations against police brutality have begun here again due to the public release of body cam and surveillance footage in Memphis, Tennesee, on Friday that document police restraining, pepper spraying, tazing, kicking, and punching a young black guy, a citizen, at a suburban intersection. The scene is stomach-turning, devastating to his family, and psychologically damaging to the body politic. Demonstrations in Times Square Friday night were followed by demonstrations in Washington Square Park last night.

Meanwhile, we want to show you some new graffiti and murals and street art from this moment in NYC.

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring: You Go Girl, Rero, Huetek, DEK, Leaf, Vojtech Trocha, ZROC, DOLE, Manuel Alejandro/The Creator, Jaye Moon, CNO, Atelier Wand Art, BORU, and BOOG.

Huetek (photo © Jaime Rojo)
BOOG (photo © Jaime Rojo)
BORU (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Atelier Wand Art (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Hugo Girl (photo © Jaime Rojo)
LEAF CNO. Work in progress. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
LEAF CNO. Work in progress. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Manuel Alejandro NYC/The Creator. Year of The Rabbit. (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Jaye Moon (photo © Jaime Rojo)
A marriage of styles – On the DOLE (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Vojtech Trocha (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Vojtech Trocha (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Vojtech Trocha (photo © Jaime Rojo)
Vojtech Trocha (photo © Jaime Rojo)
ZROC DEK (photo © Jaime Rojo)
RERO (photo © Jaime Rojo)
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BSA Film Friday: 12-03-21

BSA Film Friday: 12-03-21

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
2. RERO @ Espace D’art Montresso in Marrkesh
3. Virgil Was Here. His Last Collection for Louis Vuitton in Miami Beach. November 30th, 2021

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“Detoks and Genom form a deadly duo that has been claiming prominent highway spots around Barcelona for some time now.” And with guys like this, there is always so much more to the story.


RERO @ Espace D’art Montresso in Marrakesh

“It’s about getting rid of the superfluous and focusing on the essential,” says RERO as he describes his new exhibition at Montresso Foundation.

Virgil Was Here. His Last Collection for Louis Vuitton in Miami Beach. November 30th, 2021

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The Word On The Street. Oh, Word?

The Word On The Street. Oh, Word?

Sometimes we refer to Street Art as part of an ongoing conversation. Who will argue?

Whether it is clever wordplay, a lovelorn cry, a dire warning, or raging rant, artists are addressing us with their written texts in public space.

RERO. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

A reflection of our collective state, our worries, our values, our unquenched fires, when you happen upon these words they are as much a part of the public as they are personal.

Somehow, even if we do not know what they mean exactly, they deserve to be seen and heard. Photographer Jaime Rojo shares with BSA readers some of his recent collected missives on the streets.

What do you have to say?

WRDSMTH. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sara Erenthal. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Venom. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

SacSix. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The Boring N.Y. Co. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The Boring N.Y. Co. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The Boring N.Y. Co. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

DmirWorld. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

DmirWorld. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Loveism. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Unidentified artist. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The Tipsy Gardener. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Unidentified artist (can’t read the tag). Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Timothy Goodman, Brooklyn, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Unidentified artist. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Captain Eyeliner. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Captain Eyeliner. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Captain Eyeliner. Manhattan, NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Unidentified artist. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Wordy Rappinghood, by Tom Tom Club (1981)

Words in papers, words in books
Words on TV, words for crooks
Words of comfort, words of peace
Words to make the fighting cease
Words to tell you what to do
Words are working hard for you
Eat your words but don’t go hungry
Words have always nearly hung me.

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BSA Film Friday: 11.30.18

BSA Film Friday: 11.30.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. RUN: Bye Bye Dolphin
2. RERO: Installation in situ – Desert d’Agafay – Montresso Art Foundation
3. Street Atelier: L’Atlas
4. Street Atelier: DOES


BSA Special Feature: RUN: Bye Bye Dolphin!

“Where’s my dolphin?”

“The dolphin is gone,” says street artist RUN on this London wall as school kids run and roll past him.

You wonder when you see these murals that we publish week after week what it must be like for a Street Artist to interact with the public while painting. The truth is, it varies from city to city – people can be quite timid. Or blithely disinterested. Or loquacious, opinionated, even invasive.

Not only do you have to orchestrate your idea, plan the logistics, and execute your vision, you have to be this agreeable sociologist who takes all commentary in stride and even occasionally have a meaningful exchange. It’s up to you. And its up to the street.

In this new video by RUN we have the opportunity to see the interactions of people on the street with the artist in London, and it can be very illuminating.

You may recognize the finished piece from our posting in August; “RUN” Plunders Subtle Summer Bourgeoisie Hypocrisies at the Beach



RERO: Installation in situ – Desert d’Agafay – Montresso Art Foundation

Ahh, to gaze upon the Atlas mountains across the desert in Marakesh in April. Anything but stressful. Yet..

French Street Artist and conceptual artist RERO can as easily be inside as outside, urban and, as you can see here, rural.

Balancing the image negation of his text based works, these installations with Montresso Foundation and Jardin Rouge show how the artist defines the space, adapting and adopting the context as actor.

Here are a couple of insightful, high quality videos from and their web series STREET ATELIER in cooperation with ARTE CREATIVE, featuring the artists L’Atlas and DOES.


Street Atelier: L’Atlas


Street Atelier: DOES


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BSA Film Friday: 05.11.18

BSA Film Friday: 05.11.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. RERO, Hendrik Beikirch, Kouka and David Mesguich at Montresso Foundation in Morocco
2. TWOONE: Wall Street Art Festival of Grand Paris Sud / Galerie Mathgoth
3. Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 11 / Miami


BSA Special Feature: RERO, Hendrik Beikirch, Kouka and David Mesguich.

Jardin Rouge just outside of Marrakech continues to expand its offerings with an exhibition space run by the Montresso Foundation that rivals many museums. You may recall our visit to the compound a little while ago “Jardin Rouge: A Unique Garden For Street Artists To Grow In”.

Here we have an inside look at Street Artists work in, on, and around the laboratory, workshops, and museum space by RERO, Hendrik Beikirch, Kouka and David Mesguich.


TWOONE: Wall Street Art Festival of Grand Paris Sud / Galerie Mathgoth

This wall is full of egret.

The Japanese artist TWOONE was in the French town of Lieusaint (Seine et Marne) with Gautier Jourdain and the festival he began last year in Southern Paris called Wall Street Art Festival. The Yokohama born Street Artist has lived in Berlin for a handful of years and takes his realistic dreams of animals and people to frescoes across cities like Hong Kong, Miami, and Bangkok.

…sort of reminds us of a wall ROA did with us in 2010, which also featured an egret.

Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 11 / Miami

Another installment from the Low Bros travelogue – this one from the neighborhood that wishes it was decadent, Wynwood in Miami. The guys are entertaining in their re-enactment of celebrity tropes as they flash you past the excitement of Basel week inland.




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Magda Danysz Brings “Art From The Streets” to Singapore Art Science Museum

Magda Danysz Brings “Art From The Streets” to Singapore Art Science Museum

“Art From the Streets”, an exhibition at the Art Science Museum in Singapore opened this weekend to coordinate with Singapore Art Week that runs from tomorrow until the end of the month with fairs, festivals and art exhibitions. Commercial art dealer and writer Magda Danysz curated the show with names she represents and whom you will be familiar with – Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Faile, and Futura, for example.

Two versions of the catalogue, one by Felipe Pantone, the other by Futura, are available on the Magda Danysz website .

But she also brings an eclectic mix of others on her roster and possibly lent from some private collections. Collectively they span many of the high profile, the saleable and known over the past 5 decades from various disciplines and philosophical practices; In the case of Jacques Villeglé, whose practice of lacerating posters in the 1960s predates Failes’ by 4 decades, a lineage can be drawn. Other connections are not as easy.

Ultimately the collection gives a sense of the vast number of personalities and techniques that have characterized the street practice in Europe and North America primarily without focusing on any one specialty too greatly. Here are the revered names along with mid-career folks and current darlings who are sure to leave a mark. There is also a small inclusion of more regional favorites like Eko Nugroho from Indonesia, and Singapore’s Speak Cryptic, who each were on hand this weekend with many of the artists for the opening.

Giving tours with microphone in hand during the opening days, the energetic Ms. Danysz educates new fans and potential buyers about an organic artists scene that grew from the streets and is now more frequently being offered for sale in places such as her three gallery locations in London, Paris, and Shanghai. Today it is slowly appearing more often in museums as well.

“Conscious that promotion of the emerging scene is necessary, Magda Danysz took part in many fairs,” says a press release, “such as for example Art Brussels, Arte Fiera in Bologna, Artissima in Torino, Fiac in Paris or Pulse in New York, and is one of the four galleries at the origin of the Show Off Paris art fair.”

This weekend’s activities included short presentations panel discussions and a screen of Wild Style.

Art from the Streets tickets are $17.00 on the Marina Bay Sands website.

A complete list of artists varies online with artists listed on the museum website including:

Banksy, Tarek Benaoum, Stéphane Bisseuil, Blade, Crash, Speak Cryptic, D*face, Fab 5 Freddy, FAILE, Shepard Fairey (aka Obey), Futura, Invader, JR, L’Atlas, Ludo, M-City, Nasty, Eko Nugroho, Nunca, Felipe Pantone, Quik, Lee Quinones, Blek le Rat, Rero, Remi Rough, André Saraiva, Seen, Seth, Sten Lex, Tanc, Hua Tunan, Yok & Sheryo, YZ, Zevs “and many more“.

Elsewhere online the roster is said to include 2Koa, Jef Aérosol, Ash, André, A-One, Aplickone, Banksy, Benjamin Duquenne, Tarek Benaoum, Stephane Bisseuil, Blek Le Rat, Boulaone, C215, Crash, Dface, Dondi, Dran, Eror729, Shepard Fairey, Faile, Futura, Keith Haring, Isham, Jayone, Jonone, Jr, Katre, Kaws, L’atlas, Lem, Ludo, Barry Mc Gee, Mikostic, Miss.Tic, Mode 2, Steve More, Nasty, Nord, Yoshi Omori, Os Gemeos, Psyckoze, Quik, Rammellzee, Recidivism, Rero, Remi Rough, Seen, Seth, Skki, Sore, Space Invader, Spazm, Spécio, Swoon, Tanc, Toxick, Vhils, Jacques Villeglé, Nick Walker, West, Yz, Zevs, Zhang Dali, Zlotykamien and Zuba.


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Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014

Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014


Not quite spring, the Art Fairs are arriving in New York ahead of the tulips. We strolled the impossibly long aisles and peered into the booths to find the folks who have at other times been called “Street Artists”. This weekend they’ll be fine artists, and the list is quite a bit longer than years past as the professionalization of the street continues.

Shows like the Armory, Scope, Volta, and Fountain are good testing venues to see the commercial viability for many of these artists and some have foregone representation – preferring to foot the bill on their own. Since walking the streets to see their work requires multiple layers and hats and gloves – traipsing through the fairs can be far preferable than dirty old Brooklyn streets. It’s also nice to see how some of these folks look in a tie or a blouse – or even just hit a comb. Here below we include some possible gems for you to hunt down.



Pace Prints

How & Nosm at Pier 92


How Nosm at Pace Prints (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For The Armory Show Art Fair location, dates, times, booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Andenken Gallery

Amanda Marie, VINZ


Vinz at Andenken Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Black Book Gallery

Judith Supine, WK Interact, Ben Eine, Cycle, James Reka, Cope2, Indie184, Shepard Fairey


Judith Supine at Black Book Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

C.A.V.E. Gallery

PEETA, Pure Evil


Pure Evil at C.A.V.E. Gallery (image courtesy the artist)

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Speedy Graphito, Mark Kenkins, RERO


Speedy Graphito at Fabien Castanier Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Fuchs Projects

Rafael Fuchs, Aakash Nihalini, Skewville


Skewville at Fuchs Projects (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Krause Gallery

Ben Frost, Hanksy


Ben Frost at Krause Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Moniker Projects

Beau Stanton, Ben Eine, David Shillinglaw, Greg Lamarche, Jon Burgerman, Pam Glew, Ron English,  Muffinhead, Keira Rathbone.


David Shillinglaw at Moniker Projects (image courtesy the artist)

Natalie Kates Projects

Skullphone, Swoon


Skullphone at Natalie Kates Projects (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ThinkSpace Gallery

Know Hope


Know Hope at ThinkSpace (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Vertical Gallery

Stormie Mills, My Dog Sighs


Stormie Mills at Vertical Galler (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For SCOPE Art Fair location, dates, times, booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Jonathan LeVine Gallery



Pose at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (image courtesy the artist)

For VOLTA NY Art Fair location, dates, times and booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Fumeroism, Jay Shells, Leon Reid IV, Vicki DaSilva are all showing at Fountain this year


Vicki DaSilva at Fountain (image courtesy the artist)


Fumero at Fountain (image © Jaime Rojo)

Urban Folk Art

Adam Suerte


Adam Suerte (courtesy Urban Folk Art)

Street Art Installation curated by Mighty Tanaka

Alex Emmert will be curating the Street Art Installation and he has invited Chris Stain, Alice Mizrachi, Skewville, Cake, Chris RWK, Joe Iurato, Rubin, EKG, Gilf!, Omen and LNY.


Rubin will be part of the installation of Street Artists at Fountain Art Fair (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For Fountain Art Fair location, dates, times, etc…click HERE


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Paris Street Art : Spencer Elzey in Europe

Paris Street Art : Spencer Elzey in Europe


As we continue our one week residency on BSA for Street Art fan Spencey Elzey, he takes you to Paris to see what is happening on the street there right now. If you were to try to characterize the nature of the work, you may say that it favors illustration, a clean defined line, and a purposeful classical aesthetic.

For years we have associated the romantic city and it’s historical culture and architecture with Street Artists like the stencil pioneers Blek Le Rat and Jef Aerosol, along with Miss Tic, Invader, FKDL, Fred Chevaliar, C215, and Alice Pasquini, to name just a few.  Spencer finds some of those artists’ work and and he shares some others here with you too. Naturally, because we don’t cover this city regularly, locals will surely tell you that some of these pieces are a couple of years old, but for an American tourist in Paris, it all looks new from here!


Jana & Js. Detail. (photo © Spencer Elzey)

“It did feel like there was some form of respect for the older architecture, especially in Paris,” says Spencer when comparing his observations of Paris, Berlin, and London.  “While all three cities are old (especially compared to NYC), Paris feels the oldest and there seems to be certain buildings or doors that remained untouched.” Maybe that’s why we always think Paris is romantic. Also, Edith Piaf.

Speaking of romance we begin the image survey with two current giants on the Paris scene Jana und JS, who are a collaborating Street Art couple who basically bonded over their mutual love for shooting images. Advocates of photography on the street, you will find they’ve also an affinity for spray paint and stencils and their subject often is themselves. It’s rather a marriage made for the street. You can read a full interview with them here on Street Art Paris.


Jana & Js. Detail. (photo © Spencer Elzey)

“Walking around Paris I also found myself looking up a lot more as compared to other cities; while this was mostly due to the fact that I was looking out for the 100’s of Space Invader pieces, there were lots of other pieces stuck to the walls up high. I thought it was also notable that the walls within the metro tunnels between stations were covered with graffiti in Paris.”

“Paris has street art defined to a few areas specifically,” explains Elzey, “including some of the murals in the 13th arrondissement that were put together by Galerie Itinerrance, a few areas up around Belleville, and areas throughout Le Marais, which includes sections of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements.”


Jana & Js. Detail. (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Jana & Js. Detail. (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Jana & Js. (photo © Spencer Elzey)


C215 (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Finabarr DAC (photo © Spencer Elzey)


ETHOS (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Ella & Pitr. Detail. (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Clet Abraham (photo © Spencer Elzey)


A large wall by the Chilean Street Artist Inti (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Shadeek (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Alexis Diaz (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Shepard Fairey (photo © Spencer Elzey)


RERO (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Invader (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Invader (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Invader (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Invader (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Invader (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Invader (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Not Invader. Megamatt. (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Daco (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Bristolian Nick Walker has a heart (photo © Spencer Elzey)


Tona and Alias (photo © Spencer Elzey)




Please note: All content including images and text are ©, unless otherwise noted. We like sharing BSA content for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the photographer(s) and BSA, include a link to the original article URL and do not remove the photographer’s name from the .jpg file. Otherwise, please refrain from re-posting. Thanks!
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Exposition Art Urbain – Colletion Nicolas Laguero Laserne (Paris, France)

Exposition Art Urbain
Vernissage le mercredi 4 septembre 2013 de 18h à 21h
Exposition du 4 au 15 septembre 2013.

La collection d’art urbain sera accueillie dans les 200m2 de la Mairie du 1er arrondissement de Paris.

Environ 50 œuvres seront présentées à cette occasion. Des grandes figures de l’art urbain telles que Barry Mc Gee, Banksy, Blu, Boris Hoppek, Dem 189, Dran, Faile, Invader, Jacques Villeglé, Jef Aerosol, Jonone, JR, Lek, Ludo, Rero, Roa, Shepard Fairey, Sowat, Speedy Graphito, Swoon…
Mais aussi des nouveaux talents de la scène urbaine tels que Roti ou Studio 21 bis…


Exposition Art Urbain – Collection Nicolas Laugero Lasserre

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Design Matters Presents: “Word Play” A Group Exhibition (Los Angeles, CA)

Word Play

Word Play
a group exhibit curated by Stephanie Chefas

Opens Saturday, June 29th 7-10pm
To request an online preview, please email
Design Matters is delighted to present Word Play, a conversational group exhibition featuring 7 conceptual artists handpicked by Contemporary Art Curator Stephanie Chefas. The exhibit showcases a collection of mixed media, acrylic, neon, and textile works by artists Ben Venom, Greg Lamarche, Gregory Siff, Meg Hitchcock, Meryl Pataky, Shawn Huckins (shown), and RERO.

Since the 1960s, language has been a fundamental tool for conceptual artists in emphasizing ideas over visual form to fuel creativity. Using words, phrases, and sentences to tackle topical issues of popular culture, significant artists of the late twentieth century such as Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and Glen Ligon, have consistently given text a prominent role in art.

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Le Centre Pompidou Presents: ‘Ex Situ” A Group Exhibition (Paris, France)

Ex SituLe Street Art prend ses quartiers au Studio 13/16

Jeune public

13 – 28 avril 2013, tous les mercredis, samedis, dimanches, à 14h00 (4h00)
29 avril – 12 mai 2013, à 14h00 (4h00)
15 mai – 16 juin 2013, tous les mercredis, samedis, dimanches, à 14h00 (4h00)

Studio 13/16 – Centre Pompidou

entrée libre

Mercredis, samedis et dimanches, de 14 à 18h.
Pendant les vacances scolaires : tous les jours sauf le mardi, de 14 à 18h.

EX SITU c’est :
– 7 artistes issus du milieu de l’art urbain invités à mener une expérience artistique au Centre Pompidou.
– 7 résidences au Studio 13/16 où les artistes invitent les jeunes à participer à un work-in-progress et une réflexion sur la création in situ.
– 7 installations éphémères réalisées par les artistes en lien avec l’architecture du Centre Pompidou.
– 1 parcours dans la ville, le temps d’un après-midi, le Kiosque Tour, réalisé par les artistes et des groupes d’adolescents sur des kiosques de presse.

Les sujets

  • Ox

    à propos de la personne

  • Rero

    à propos de la personne

  • Vhils

    à propos de la personne

  • Yseult Digan (YZ)

    à propos de la personne

  • Ludo

    à propos de la personne

  • Mark Jenkins

    à propos de la personne

  • JonOne (1963)

    à propos de la personne

Le terme « ex situ » renvoie à la conservation d’un objet hors de son mil…

 lire la suite

Organisateur : Direction des publics / Service programation jeune public S. Mattera

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