NOMADE Points to the Lights of Metropolis L.A.

Street Art collective Nomade continue apace with reinventions of their fearless painting Roman soldier – that spear is a paintbrush by the way – in LA once again. The piece is 89 feet long by 22 feet high (27m x 7m) and located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown LA, their sixth installation over the last couple of years with the LA Freewalls Project. The group boasts designers of various stripes who have been actively involved in a number of LA industries and who collectively bring this metaphor to life in new ways, each time with elements of photorealism, illustration, and a generous amount of propagandic heroicism from classical antiquity.

brooklyn-street-art-nomade-la-freewalls-los-angeles-3-webNomade for LA Freewalls Project (photo courtesy © NOMADE)


Nomade for LA Freewalls Project (photo courtesy © NOMADE)


Nomade for LA Freewalls Project (photo courtesy © NOMADE)