Hallelujah! Visions of Retna Appear in NYC!

Fresh from his sold out show with Primary Flight at this year’s Miami Art Basel, LA-based Street Artist Retna brings his fine art “Hallelujah Tour” to  New York City for a solo show in SOHO this week.


Retna mural with El Mac (detail). Miami Primary Flight 2009 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Retna has built a strong reputation for being not only an exceedingly talented artist but well regarded personally. His uniquely invented style of calligraphic letters, often done on massive walls, tell stories about the people that he encounters. Each one has made an impression on him and his life experiences.

Retna’s letter style, created and refined over the years is the product of his life as a graffiti artist as well as his interest in English calligraphy and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Retna often collaborates with El Mac, who paints the portraits while Retna tells their stories. According to accounts from the street, certain friends can read the messages as easily as those on a milk carton.


Retna mural with El Mac (detail). Miami Primary Flight 2008 (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Retna from his show “Silver Lining” at Miami Primary Flight 2010. Photo courtesy of Primary Flight. © Peter Vahan.


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