BSA Film Friday: 08.07.15




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. DAZE at Wall\Therapy
2. Andreas Englund at Wall\Therapy
3. Risk: “Old Habits Die Hard”
4. Esteban Del Valle in Alaska
5. Trance by Slicer


BSA Special Feature: DAZE at Wall\Therapy

New York graffiti and Street Art golden alum DAZE worked with local graff folks in Rochester during the recent Wall\Therapy event and this video captures the three walls he headlined. An original experimenter with different influences entering his compositions, DAZE works in the moment and is happy to share the experience, sometimes mentoring and allowing others to shine as well in a collaborative spirit.

Andreas Englund at Wall\Therapy

Coming at it from a different angle, Switzerlands Andreas Englund was doing only his second mural ever at Wall\Therapy. Of course he is an established fine artist so his transference was from canvas to brick with a decidedly painterly approach.

Risk: “Old Habits Die Hard”

“Risk was looked at as being an innovator, someone who was known for doing something before other people did,” says Roger Gastman of the west coast graffiti king whom he pays tribute to with this new book.


Esteban Del Valle in Alaska

“I just landed back in Brooklyn after spending 7 weeks in Alaskan wilderness as the artist in residence at Chulitna Lodge,” says Esteban.  See him painting in sun and rain a wild scene in a wild part of the world.

NUART Turns 15

And they are throwing da House out the window

…and BSA will be there to tell you all about it.


Trance by Slicer

His show at Juddy Roller opens tonight in the Melbourne neighborhood of Fitzroy for local boy Slicer, a graffiti writer turned abstract gestural painter. He says he is exploring interdimensional, hypnotic aspects of the psyche and you can see him here working himself into a sort of trance.



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