Ready for Bedtime? Faile Tells the Story Tonight

“It’s not a typical show for us where it is like a huge thematic production. It’s a much smaller intimate show,” says Faile’s Patrick McNeil.

Faile partner Patrick Miller strikes a satisfied note, “It’s good, I feel confident about the work. I feel confident within about where we’re at within a given time. You can always go and tinker and keep playing but I’m happy with the body of work.”


Photo © Jaime Rojo

Okay, so sometimes we get too excited. Not by spectacle, or hype, or insider clubbiness – but by the art. Somehow Faile made this painted wood show feel electric.With fragments of images, snippets of phrases out of context, flashes of celebrity, skin, and irony, “Bedtime Stories” is an apt analogy for a lucid dream state, big city life, and our current fascination with glowing digital rectangles of all sizes.


Detail Photo © Jaime Rojo

The white box gallery isn’t always suitable for Street Artists; The raw energy of the street can feel stale when trapped inside and shows like this sometimes merit criticism from those who want to “keep it real”. But in typical Faile fashion, “Bedtime Stories”, opening tonight at Perry Rubenstein Gallery in Chelsea, is a considered, well presented multimedia manifestation that energizes the space.  The one sculpture, a tree-trunk of titillation in the center of the chamber, serves as a jagged graphic lightening rod for the flashing neon particles that swirl around the space.

Detail Photo © Jaime Rojo

Detail Photo © Jaime Rojo

Faile “Bedtime Stories”

Perry Rubenstein Gallery