It Takes a Village at Factory Fresh : “Boxed In” show

Are we envisioning a future of Hoovervilles?

It’s a weekend of opening doors!  

Tonight’s is going to welcome you to a Great Recession-era cardboard box village created by contemporary and urban (street) artists, to register a commentary on the on-going squeeze people are feeling here.  

Who better than street artists could help us live on the street in style? With jobs evaporating, the public sector heaving, the hand-out happy banks still refusing loans, and landlords still scalping, it’s easier than ever to imagine a future with the hapless hordes resorting to building their homestead in an empty lot with shipping boxes and various found objects.  Think of this show as Martha Stewart for the skid-row set.

“Boxed In” A group art exhibit

presented by
Factory Fresh and Plaztik Mag 

Opens May 1st, 7-10pm
show runs till May 21st