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Paris: A Mid-Summer Mural Art Dispatch

A quick look at three new murals from Paris today as the summer of ’13 has been one full of mural art around the northern hemisphere it would appear. Today we check the very active Street Art scene in Paris, which occasionally boasts large-scale murals as well. Alexis Diaz. Detail. Belleville, Paris. (photo © Sandra [...]

BSA Covers the Globe, Top Stories with HuffPost in ’12

BSA is not just Brooklyn, you know. Last year we brought you new Street Art from Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Berlin, Boston, Bronx, Brooklyn, Brisbane, Bristol, Costa Rica, Chicago, China, Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Guatemala, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Jamaica, Johannesburg, Kenya, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Miami, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Norway, NYC, Palestine, Panama, Paris, [...]

Images of the Week 10.14.12

This week we saw pumpkins piled at the corner deli, the Yanks pushing on toward the series, Streisand returning at 70 to sing again in Brooklyn, that Rasta MC goin’ hard over his stack of speakers outside the barbershop on a sunny cool day, Christopher Columbus as a giant  sculpture in somebody’s living room, and [...]

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