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Finding Peace In Copenhagen with Sculpting Street Artist Tejn

Posted on April 22, 2014

Sandra Hoj has been tracking the work of iron sculpture Street Artist Tejn for a few years now and she tells us that she had spotted a number of new ones recently. Any kind of art in the streets that is illegal and elicits a response is considered “real” street art by most today, so it is interesting to see this welded storyline as it continues to unfold and lock itself around the capital city of Denmark.


TEJN (photo © Sandra Hoj)

“Tejn just released a fresh batch of lock on sculptures in Copenhagen. Made from salvaged iron found in the streets, welded into sculptures, and returned as art chained to public railings. The three pieces I have spotted so far, all speak of peace, and they seem almost tailored for the locations. Like the gun in the meat grinder, attached to a pole by the troubled People’s Park.”

“The attention to detail is extraordinary. Look at the tiny hands on the man carefully winding up the peace sign! I find it impossible to pass a Tejn, and not feel instantly better.”

~ Sandra Hoj


TEJN. Detail. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


TEJN (photo © Sandra Hoj)


TEJN. Detail. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


TEJN (photo © Sandra Hoj)


TEJN. Detail. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


TEJN. Detail. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


TEJN (photo © Sandra Hoj)

For more Street Art and other tasty morsels in Copenhagen visit Classic Copenhagen



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