Brooklyn Street Art

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The Power of Color via Street Art, Graffiti, and Murals

No doubt it is the grey days of late winter that is making us think about this as we brace for the next snowstorm, but today we’re considering the impact that Street Art color has on architecture that never asked for it. We’re not the first to think of hues, shades, tones, and palettes when [...]

Unbridled Berlin Street Art : Spencer Elzey in Europe

Berliners are hard to crack, they say, but probably not for New Yorkers. We “get” them because of their no-nonsense frankness, sometimes sharp tongues, and because their “creative types” are unhinged in a way that New Yorkers have been historically. When it comes to the volume and variety of art that is being loosed in [...]

On the Shoulders of a Wizard : Os Gemeos and Mark Bode In SF

We continue our San Francisco street diaries with BSA contributing photographer Brock Brake and a mural from Os Gemeos and Mark Bodé, who together include a glorious technicolor tribute to Cheech Wizard and the illustration work of Mark’s dad Vaughn. First off a multi-colored hoodie popping through the trees with a can and “with a JADE [...]

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