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Los Brujos: Gola, Kenor and H101 Nude Before The Third Eye in Italy

Posted on September 29, 2012

Gola Hundun, Kenor and H101 otherwise known as the Art Collective Los Brujos, recently participated in the Sub Urb Art 2 in Torino, Italy with a patchwork hand-painted re-creation of the mystic Eye inside a large open warehouse space.

Los Brujos: Kenor, Gola and H101. (photo © Garu-Garu)

Call it The Eye of Glory, The All Seeing Eye, The Eye of The World, The Eye of Providence or the Eye of Horus, the human eye has been imbued with supernatural powers, omnipresence, and intuitive abilities for centuries by various cultures and belief systems worldwide. Three members of Los Brujos pose carefully here with the new piece by way of drawing our focus back to it’s various meanings.

Los Brujos: Gola, Kenor and H101. (photo © Garu-Garu)

As they draw your attention to the third eye looming behind them, Los Brujos appear in various costume while positioning themselves symbolically in front of the work, adding a decidedly pagan connotation to the work. The juxtaposition reminds you that dimension, abstraction, and geometry have roots in folk art, religion and mysticism – far predating the modern age fascination with geometry and minimalism. While these guys and many in the alt-art party circuit are sometimes thought of as avant-garde, you can also see them as revivalists of our clan-based past.

Los Brujos: Gola, Kenor and H101. (photo © Garu-Garu)

Los Brujos: Gola, Kenor and H101. (photo © Garu-Garu)

Los Brujos:  Kenor, Gola, and H101. (photo © Garu-Garu)



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