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Fun Friday 07.22.11


Our Fun Friday Stories today:

2. The Pantheon Catalog Release Party: Saturday in Brooklyn
3. Alexander Calder Mobile interactive banner on Google Today
4. Kid Acne “Kill Your Darlings”
5. Dalek and Greg Lamarche “Geometric Balance” at Show and Tell (Toronto)
6. NOMADE “Recent Artifacts” @ Hold Up (LA)
7. Bomb the Intersection (VIDEO)
8. An Insightful Look at NATURE with The Honey Badger (nasty word alert) (VIDEO)


“Outer Bourough” opens tonight at 17 Frost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 6:00 pm. Dude has been kickin’ it and the work shows it too.


For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

The Pantheon Catalog Release Party: Saturday in Brooklyn

About a year ago Daniel Feral told us about this idea he had for a show at the Donnell Library across from MOMA to draw attention to the history of graff and Street Art in New York. It seemed like a pretty vast undertaking at the time, and in fact, the project gradually and quickly ballooned and incorporated much of the community and helped capture this moment in history as well as give perspective to the evolution that preceded it. With partner Joyce Manolo and a cast of hundreds, Mr. Feral has taken a deep dive and produced a tome that will be used for reference for years to come, along with his own diagrammatic explanation of the evolution of Graffiti and Street Art in the context of other 20th Century art movements.


This 426-page catalog is a hybrid of scholarly journal, popular magazine, and graff zine. 33 artists from the 1970s through today tell their own histories, in their own words and pictures, while local writers and photographers give an overview of the cultural milieu. The catalog includes a dedication to Rammellzee by Charlie Ahearn, essay on the Feral Diagram by Daniel Feral, and Street Art in the 2000s by Steven P. Harrington with photographs by Jaime Rojo, in addition to 20 essays, 20 interviews and over 400 images from the efforts of over 30 individuals.

Date: Saturday, July 23, 2011 6-8PM (RSVP Only)
Where: Do or Dine @ 1108 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Between Lexington Avenue & Quincy Street

Alexander Calder Mobile interactive banner on Google Today

To celebrate the artists’ birthday today, the Calder Foundation has a very cool interactive mobile that behaves in the way one of his originals do.


Read more about Alexander Calder here

Kid Acne “Kill Your Darlings”

Celebrating his first solo show in his hometown, Kid Acne will be killing it at Sheffield: Millenium Gallery.


The launch night is Friday July 22nd to coincide with the “free for all” music festival, Tramlines – to which, you are all invited.

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:
Kid Acne is also participating in “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories” in LA opening August 12.

“I thought you might like to see this promo video for my exhibition, Kill Your Darlings” ~ Kid Acne

Dalek and Greg Lamarche “Geometric Balance” at Show and Tell (Toronto)


“Geometric Balance” At Show and Tell Gallery. 7:00 pm, Toronto, Canada:

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

NOMADE “Recent Artifacts” @ Hold Up (LA)


NOMADE “Recent Artifacts” @ Hold Up Art Gallery. Saturday at 7:00 PM in Los Angeles

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

Bomb the Intersection (VIDEO)

An Insightful Look at NATURE with The Honey Badger (nasty word alert) (VIDEO)

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Show and Tell Gallery Presents: James Marshall (Dalek) & Greg Lamarche “Geometric Balance” (Tornonto, Canada)

Geometric Balance

brooklyn-street-art-Show-and-Tell_gallery-DalekJames Marshall (Dalek) “Untitled“, Acrylic on Paper, 20″ x 20”, 2011

brooklyn-street-art-Show-and-Tell_gallery-GregMailerGreg Lamarche “Untitled (O Series)“, Paper Collage, 8.5″ x 11”, 2011

James Marshall & Greg Lamarche
Geometric Balance
July 22 – August 31 2011

Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to present a 2 person exhibition with James Marshall (Dalek) and Greg Lamarche.

Exhibiting these distinct artists together creates a powerful dynamism based on the collision of James Marshall’s graphic geometries with Greg Lamarche’s typographic savvy and cut-paper collages. The cross-pollination of visual and conceptual traits that occurs when viewing both bodies of work at once produces a new, combined aesthetic that is wholly unlike either Marshall or Lamarche’s artistic achievements on their own. That said, it would be an oversight to discount the similar visual and structural methodologies upon which these artists have built their practices.

The works on display, with their robust colours and sinuous lines, are a testament to the leading position Marshall and Lamarche occupy at the frontier of the new abstraction. The current impulse back towards abstracted forms and the spectral buzz of cleverly combined colours is brought to fruition by these artists. What Geometic Balance candidly demonstrates is that Marshall and Lamarche are successfully recalibrating the relationship between figure and abstraction without losing the primacy and critical content of their work.

Opening Reception: Friday June 22, 7 – 11pm.

1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3
Gallery Hours
Wed – Sat: 1pm – 7pm
Sun: 1pm – 6pm
Mon & Tue: By Appointment Only

+ 647.347.3316
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Show and Tell Gallery Presents: “Good Folks” A Group Show (Toronto, Canada)


Silkscreen on fabric, hand dyed, embroidered, painted, and coffee stained.
Signed edition of 10
10.5″ x 24″ (26.67 cm x 60.96 cm)

Click here to purchase this special limited edition print online now.

Entitled Good Folks, this exhibition features an exciting line up of multi-disciplinary artists whose works express a concise cultural identity by conveying shared community values, aesthetics, and a delicate understanding of society and their place in contemporary culture.

While the artists in this exhibition can be linked to folk art, on a more one-dimensional level the name simply celebrates some Good Folks who have contributed to the successful and exciting journey of Show & Tell Gallery for the past two years.

Participating artists include:

Swoon, Monica Canilao, Jeremiah Maddock,
Derek Mehaffey, Felix Berube, and Troy Dugas

If you are interested in being added to the collector preview list for this show please contact the gallery.

1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3

+ 647.347.3316

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Fun Friday 10.08.10

Fun Friday 10.08.10


Fun Friday

Erik Burke and Cahil Muraguh

“This Land Is My Land”brooklyn-street-art-MY-LAND-erik-burke-cahil-muraghu-17-frost-gallery1

Experimental show space 17 Frost in Brooklyn tonight hosts the opening of a show that summons Woody Guthrie from the ethers to talk about a time when average working American citizens were asserting their right over resources from multinational companies. An unconventional mashup of NYC graffiti and Hudson River School this show boldly challenges you to make connections where you didn’t know there were any.  Reconciling urban abstract with pastoral landscapes can’t be easy, but when both are your influences you are bound to find the is a germ of something new.

Ride ‘Em Cowboy – Beast & Berlusconi

Furious Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has ordered in inquiry after 16 giant posters showing him riding young models like horses sprung up overnight in Milan.

The faked images – some showing the playboy PM beating the girls’ bottoms with a riding crop – are said to be the work of a local Banksy-style street artist called Beast.

More here


Mundano Modifies Political Posters in Brazil

In another politically engaged Street Art take on graphic messaging in the public sphere, Brazilian Street Artist Mundano is re-styling posters for the  Presidential elections currently taking place in Brazil.

Know Hope in Toronto Tonight

Street Artist Know Hope is currently in Toronto for tonight’s opening of his solo show “There Is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear)” at the Show and Tell Gallery.  “I’m really excited about this show and the pieces in it. Toronto is also a really cool city,” says the artist.

brooklyn-street-art-know-hope-show -and-tell-gallery

Skewville charms the French

Or at least that’s what Adam says he did.

FAME Wrap Up Video

Italy was once again treated to some of the best worldwide large scale installations of work by Street Artists in one place for the FAME festival. Here is a summary of the scene.

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Show And Tell Gallery Presents: Know Hope “There Is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear)” (Toronto)

Know Hope

Know Hope

Know Hope (© Jaime Rojo)

For the past 4 years, Know Hope has been showing his work in galleries and exhibitions worldwide, but mainly on the streets, in their natural urban settings. Know Hope deals with the ephemeral aspect of not only the genre itself, but also as a subject – the need of momentary connections in the everyday reality, and the common denominator that is the human struggle.

Through site specific installations, murals and paste-ups, Know Hope attempts to create situations that happen in real time, and are accessible to the public on a day-to-day basis, with intentions of creating some sort of a dialogue.

He views his gallery practice as a completely different mindset as that of working in the street. Street art is about reacting to the surroundings, to an existing reality and becoming part of it, thus making the piece itself blend in and become as significant as the environment in which it is placed, whereas the gallery is a much safer environment, which can function as a greenhouse in some manners. The separation is vital, and Know Hope believes that it is impossible to recreate or bring the street indoors, but on the other hand allows the artist to create an environment of his own. The same process is valid for the viewer himself, because the context in which the pieces are seen inevitably affects the experience.

For the past year, Know Hope’s work has been revolving around the story of an un-named figure, following it and creating some sort of lifeline through its observations, mishaps and eventually its commentary. The figure is the visual manifestation of the human vulnerability addressed in all the pieces.

The re-occurring figure is used as a way for the viewer to create a “long-term relationship”, so to speak, with the character. Through different stages and situations of despair, hope and discovery, the narrative is an ever-developing one. Through the use of a vocabulary of iconography such as electricity poles, tree stumps, broken televisions and billboards, a whole world is created and is used as a visual metaphor of the world in which we live. In the gallery pieces the photographic backgrounds function as a substitute for the urban background which is provided organically in the street works.

The majority of the pieces are made out of cardboard, a choice based not only on the aesthetics of the medium, but on the essence of the material. Cardboard is often used to make boxes, to contain objects and transfer them from one place to the other, only to be discarded immediately after- it is always available, somebody else’s trash.
The use of cardboard makes the content of the pieces physical- the urgency of creating temporary art for the street, and the liability and rough fragility of the same struggle addressed before.

Know Hope has garnered much attention over the past year with his paste-ups and installations as well as successful exhibitions in the UK, LA, Norway, San Jose and recently New York and is now preparing for group and solo exhibitions in Rome, Tokyo, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2009.

Artist Homepage

1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3
Gallery Hours
Wed – Sat: 1pm – 8pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
Mon & Tue: By Appointment Only
+ 647.347.3316
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Show And Tell Gallery Presents: Dan Bergeron AKA Faux Reel “Faces Of The City” (Toronto)

Faux Reel

Dan Bergeron "Beth" (Mixed Media On Wood, 56.5" x 59.5", 2010) Image Courtesy of the Gallery
Dan Bergeron “Beth” (Mixed Media On Wood, 56.5″ x 59.5″, 2010) Image Courtesy of the Gallery

Upcoming: Dan Bergeron – Faces of the City

Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to welcome Dan Bergeron (also known as fauxreel) to his first solo exhibition with the gallery. Bergeron is best known for his subversive and thought-provoking public street installations.

His most recent body of work, Faces of the City, juxtaposes the abrasive charm of the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the human face. As the walls and surfaces of the city define its physical character and spatial identity, the faces of its inhabitants provide the city with its personality, disposition and magnetism. His fusion of the two explores the idea that beauty truly lies in the scars, wrinkles and blemishes of places we live and people we meet.

Faces of the City will feature original photo-based, mixed media assemblages as well as a selection of editioned photo prints featuring the artist’s street installations.

Bergeron’s work has been displayed in institutions such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. His public installations can be found in alleys, boroughs, arrondissements, and on high streets in Toronto, New York, Paris and London.

Dan Bergeron
Faces of the City
Sept 10th – Oct 3rd, 2010
Dan Bergeron
Artist talk
Sept 11th, 2010
4 – 6pm

1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3

+ 647.347.3316

Wed – Sat: 1pm -8pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
Mon & Tue: By Appointment Only

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Logan Hicks and C215 in a “Parallel Universe” at Show and Tell

Street Art Stencil Masters Join Talents in first Collaborative Show in Toronto

Indicative of a new technique Logan has been exploring since the end of summer – a new piece called”Self Portrait 2″ (courtesy Show and Tell Gallery)

Last week two street artists, Brooklyn’s Logan Hicks and C215 from Paris, left New York to head further north to Toronto to install their new show “Parallel Universe” at the Show and Tell Gallery.

Aside from some travel complications and a smashed shipping crate that damaged some of Logan’s work, the show went well and the art patrons of Toronto had the opportunity to see for themselves the stupendous work of two of the most talented stencil street artists working today.


The Parisian stencil master takes a moment to reflect ("Self portrait" by C215) (courtesy Show and Tell Gallery)

The two friends were pretty stoked to have a show together.  Their collaborative work was so seamless that a casual observer may not have discerned the difference in styles. While Hicks leans more toward meditations on the geometry and vanishing horizon perspective created by formal architectural convention, C215 easily blends his gentle pathos for the streets and the people who live on them.

“Chinatown”, by Logan Hicks and C215 (courtesy Show and Tell Gallery)

Mr. Hicks also sent some pics of preparations of the show. Thanks Logan!

Parallel Universe Logan Hicks and C215 installing the show
“Parallel Universe”  installation in progress.

C215 work ready to  be hang
C215 work is on the floor and put in order to be hung.

Logan Hicks work ready to be hang
Back allys, street canyons, and fire in the sky: Logan Hicks work ready to be hung.

Parallel Universe people's Universe
Toronto fans begin to arrive at “Parallel Universe” show at Show and Tell Gallery.

For more information on Show and Tell Gallery click here

For C215 click here

Logan Hicks Website

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Street Signals 08.15.09

Aakash Nihalani Continues to trace the geometry of the street & Now It’s Interactive!

Simple, cheeky and inspiring. Aakash Nihalani redesigns the streets of New York by creating simple geometric shapes with Day-Glo tape, intriguing many the New Yorker. His impromptu graphic pieces highlight the contours and geometry of the city, making for playful visual grids that brighten the urban landscape.
Read more here from The Dirty Blog
And now Aakash has unveiled with fanfare a new online project using interactivity and the familiar 3 dimensional line drawings he experiments with in tape world. Looks like someone has been studying his Action Script!

“In an effort to translate that very personal unique interaction of human and art, I have begun to explore interactive digital artwork that can be experienced via the internet, from anywhere in the world. Integrating the visual and experiential concepts present in my tape installations into this digital medium”

-Aakash Nihalani

Click the image to interact with Aakash's illustrations
Click the image to interact with Aakash’s illustrations

And you can where tape too, apparently!

And you can wear tape too, apparently! (photo courtesy the artist)

Trip in the “Way-Back” Machine:

Keith Haring Live

Many artists look up to him as an originator. Did you ever see this guy in action painting a car?  This short clip shows Keith Haring in his design of the BMW Z1 at the Galerie Hans Mayer in Dusseldorf.

Logan Hicks and C215 to team up at “Show and Tell” in November

From Logan Hicks,

“The single best thing about leading the life of the an artist is the people you meet. A few years ago, I saw the work of C215 and immediately loved his work. Some time later, I met C215 and got to know him personally. C215 is an amazing person and an equally amazing artist. Earlier this year C215 asked me if I was interested in doing a show with him in Toronto at the Show and Tell Gallery.

It was a natural fit and we quickly locked in the dates.”

Looks like the show opens November 6.

Logan Hicks


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Street Signals 08.08.09

Street Signals 08.08.09

Obama Reprise for Shepard Fairey on new Rolling Stone Cover

“Artist Shepard Fairey, whose iconic HOPE campaign poster of Barack Obama was a global sensation, is back with a new image that both questions and deifies the President.

Appearing on the cover of the Aug. 20 Rolling Stone, the portrait depicts Obama with a brow knit in determination, surrounded by a halo of stars.” – Daily News


Brooklyn-based Abe Lincoln Jr. Went to Seattle Last Month

And he had a nice little show there –

“Handcrafted Vectors is all new work that Ive done in a new style that combines different techniques from Street Art into a sort of decoupage/collage style. The influences are as varied as Matisse, Eric Carle, Roger Hargreaves, Colorforms and the Endless Love Crew.”

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Photo courtesy

Fauxreel brings animals into the picture in Toronto

Haven’t seen his realistic paste-ups in around in quite a while, but just saw this one went up in the great white north.

From Show and Tell Gallery,

“Often Dan’s projects tackle current social, cultural and political themes, while other works simply recontextualize the physical spaces he liberates.”

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Photo courtesy Show and Tell Gallery

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