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Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014

Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014


Not quite spring, the Art Fairs are arriving in New York ahead of the tulips. We strolled the impossibly long aisles and peered into the booths to find the folks who have at other times been called “Street Artists”. This weekend they’ll be fine artists, and the list is quite a bit longer than years past as the professionalization of the street continues.

Shows like the Armory, Scope, Volta, and Fountain are good testing venues to see the commercial viability for many of these artists and some have foregone representation – preferring to foot the bill on their own. Since walking the streets to see their work requires multiple layers and hats and gloves – traipsing through the fairs can be far preferable than dirty old Brooklyn streets. It’s also nice to see how some of these folks look in a tie or a blouse – or even just hit a comb. Here below we include some possible gems for you to hunt down.



Pace Prints

How & Nosm at Pier 92


How Nosm at Pace Prints (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For The Armory Show Art Fair location, dates, times, booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Andenken Gallery

Amanda Marie, VINZ


Vinz at Andenken Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Black Book Gallery

Judith Supine, WK Interact, Ben Eine, Cycle, James Reka, Cope2, Indie184, Shepard Fairey


Judith Supine at Black Book Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

C.A.V.E. Gallery

PEETA, Pure Evil


Pure Evil at C.A.V.E. Gallery (image courtesy the artist)

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Speedy Graphito, Mark Kenkins, RERO


Speedy Graphito at Fabien Castanier Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Fuchs Projects

Rafael Fuchs, Aakash Nihalini, Skewville


Skewville at Fuchs Projects (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Krause Gallery

Ben Frost, Hanksy


Ben Frost at Krause Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Moniker Projects

Beau Stanton, Ben Eine, David Shillinglaw, Greg Lamarche, Jon Burgerman, Pam Glew, Ron English,  Muffinhead, Keira Rathbone.


David Shillinglaw at Moniker Projects (image courtesy the artist)

Natalie Kates Projects

Skullphone, Swoon


Skullphone at Natalie Kates Projects (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ThinkSpace Gallery

Know Hope


Know Hope at ThinkSpace (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Vertical Gallery

Stormie Mills, My Dog Sighs


Stormie Mills at Vertical Galler (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For SCOPE Art Fair location, dates, times, booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Jonathan LeVine Gallery



Pose at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (image courtesy the artist)

For VOLTA NY Art Fair location, dates, times and booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Fumeroism, Jay Shells, Leon Reid IV, Vicki DaSilva are all showing at Fountain this year


Vicki DaSilva at Fountain (image courtesy the artist)


Fumero at Fountain (image © Jaime Rojo)

Urban Folk Art

Adam Suerte


Adam Suerte (courtesy Urban Folk Art)

Street Art Installation curated by Mighty Tanaka

Alex Emmert will be curating the Street Art Installation and he has invited Chris Stain, Alice Mizrachi, Skewville, Cake, Chris RWK, Joe Iurato, Rubin, EKG, Gilf!, Omen and LNY.


Rubin will be part of the installation of Street Artists at Fountain Art Fair (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For Fountain Art Fair location, dates, times, etc…click HERE


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Carmichael Gallery Presents: Yue Minjun, Mark Jenkins and Aakash Nihalani. (Culver City, CA)


Opening Reception: Saturday, May 26, 6-9pm

Carmichael Gallery
5795 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Please RSVP to rsvp at carmichaelgallery dot com.

Exhibition open to the public May 26 – June 30, 2012

Carmichael Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of limited edition works on paper from the series SMILE-ISMS by Yue Minjun and sculpture by Mark Jenkins and Aakash Nihalani. The exhibition will be on view from May 26 through June 30, 2012, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 26, 2012 from 6-9pm.

Yue Minjun

Born in 1962 in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, Yue Minjun’s most recent solo exhibitions include Yue Minjun at AroS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, 2011, The Spirit Scenes from Time Past at Shanghai Gallery of Art, Three on the Bund, Shanghai, 2010, Archeological Discovery in AD 3009 at Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2009, The Grassland Series at Pace Prints, New York, 2008 and Yue Minjun at the Queens Museum of Art, New York, 2007, his first solo museum show in the United States. His work is currently featured in World Beats: Global Contemporary Art, on view at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis through July, 2012.

Yue currently lives and works in Beijing.

Mark Jenkins

Born in 1970 in Washington, DC, Mark Jenkins’ most recent solo exhibition, Living Layers, opened at Wunderkammern, Rome in March, 2012. The project, produced in collaboration with MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma), was augmented by a series of interventions in the public space. In addition to participating in group exhibitions at MAMA, Rotterdam and Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, curated by Harlan Levey and Morgan Spurlock, respectively, 2012 has seen Jenkins create new urban sculptural works for the inaugural RVA Street Art Festival (Richmond, VA), Katowice Street Art Festival (Katowice), Escape The Golden Cage (Vienna) and Nova (Sao Paulo). Forthcoming festivals include WALK&TALK AZORES (Sao Miguel) and Bien Urbain (Besançon).

Jenkins currently lives and works in Richmond, VA.

Aakash Nihalani

Born in 1986 in Queens, NY, Aakash Nihalani has presented solo booths at the 2012 editions of both VOLTA NY and ART HK. The past year has also seen him lend his distinctive aesthetic to a number of creative corporate projects; recent partnerships include the design of transformative installations for Facebook’s New York offices, Colette in Paris and West Elm and Hudson Jeans’ pop-up boutiques in Georgetown and New York, respectively. He is currently one of three featured talents in LACOSTE L!VE’s widely promoted S/S 2012 campaign.

Nihalani currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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Fun Friday 04.20.12

1. ROA at StolenSpace “Hypnagogia” (London)
2. Katowice Street Art Festival 4/20-29 (Poland)
3. LALA Gallery Inauguration Saturday (Los Angeles)
4. Herakut “Loving the Exiled” at 941 Geary (San Francisco)
5. Marsea Gives You the “High Five!” at New Image Art Saturday (LA)
6. Erica Il Cane  “Una Vita Violenta” at Fifty24MX Gallery (Mexico City)
7. Brett Amory “Waiting 101” at Outsiders Gallery (Newcastle, UK)
8. OLEK in Barcelona with Botero (VIDEO)
9. C215 “About Copyrights” (VIDEO)
10. The Bushwick Trailer (VIDEO)

ROA at StolenSpace “Hypnagogia” (London)

With his current show, now on view at the StolenSpace Gallery in London, ROA will demonstrate how you can be asleep and awake at the same time. His solo show “Hypnagogia” opens today to the general public and offers a dissected view of ROA’s fantastic world of animals and beasts. ROA’s hand crafted book “An Introduction To Animal Representation” by Mammal Press is on sale at The Old Truman Brewery on 91 Brick Lane. Hurry there are only only 125 tomes being offered.

Roa (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Katowice Street Art Festival 4/20-29 (Poland)

Katowice, a Silesian city in Southern Poland celebrates Street Art with their own Street Art Festival, now on its second year, from April 20 through April 29. The gray, concrete architecture that dominates this town will be imbued with color, shapes and fantasy with the help of this city most prominent daughter, OLEK aided by an illustrious list of first rate of fine and Street Artists including Mark Kenkins, Escif, Boogie, Moneyless, Ganzeer, Ludo, Mona Tusz, Swanski, 0700 Team, Tellas, Dan Witz, Hyuro, M City, ROA, Goro, Kilo, Nespoon, Aryz, 108, Wers, Ciah-Ciah, Etam Crew, Otecki, Razpajzan, Sepe, Chazme, CFNTX Crew, Onte, Jezmirski, Terry Grand, Dast, Impact, Malik, Turbos and Mentalgassi.

Olek (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this festival click here.

LALA Gallery Inauguration Saturday (Los Angeles)

The West Coast continues to assert itself as a power house in the art world and as a Street Art mecca with the inaugural show of LALA Gallery. A brand new gallery conceived by Daniel Lahoda, the mind and soul and legs of LA Freewalls Project.

LALA’s line up of artists for this first show augurs an auspicious beginning and a successful life which we hope last for a long, long time. “LA Freewalls Inside” is the title of this show and artists included are: Anthony Lister, Askew One, Becca, Cern, Chris Brand, Cryptik, Cyrcle, Dale VN Marshall, Dan Witz, Daze, Dee Dee Cheriel, Evan Skrederstu, How & Nosm, Insa, Jaybo, Kim West, Kofie, Lady Aiko, Ludo, Mear, The Perv Brothers, Poesia, Push, Pyro, Ripo, Risk, Ron English, Saber, Shepard Fairey, Swoon and Zes.

Dan Witz. Detail of his installation “The Prisoners” on the walls of LALA. (photo © Dan Witz)

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project. (photo © Todd Mazer)

For further details regarding this show click here.

Herakut “Loving the Exiled” at 941 Geary (San Francisco)

Herakut, the indefatigable German collective are a busy duo with an impressive craft and a mastery of the can and paint brushes. Never compromising their artistic output regardless of their environment or medium they set their collaborative standards high with an output rich in earthy colors. Their palette of ores, reds, grays, oranges, blues, browns and yellows give birth to a universe of characters that are  fantastic and mysterious and in pursuit of you, the spectator. In San Francisco at 941 Geary Gallery Saturday the reception will be open for the artists and you at “Loving the Exiled”.

Hera at work in preparation for the show. (photo courtesy © Jennifer Goff)

Akut at work in preparation for the show. (photo courtesy © Jennifer Goff)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Group Show “High Five!” at New Image Art Saturday (LA)

HIGH FIVE! the new group show at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles opens tomorrow and the artists include Alia Penner, Ashely Macomber, Curtis Kulig, Deanna Templeton, Maya Hayuk and Vanessa Prager.

Curtis Kulig AKA Love Me (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Also happening this weekend:

Tomorrow, Saturday April 22 will be the last day to see Erica Il Cane show “Una Vita Violenta” at the Fifty24MX Gallery in Mexico City.  The gallery will also participate with Erica Il Cane at the Zona Maco Mexico Arte Contemporaneo Art Fair in Mexico City. April 18 – April 22. For further details about “Una Vita Violenta” click here. For more details about Zona Maco, Mexico Arte Contemporaneo Art Fair click here.

Brett Amory solo show “Waiting 101” At the Outsiders Gallery in Newcastle, UK opens today to the general public. Click here for more details about this show.

OLEK in Barcelona with Botero (VIDEO)

Still working on that scarf you’ve been knitting for OLEK’s birthday? You missed it.

C215 “About Copyrights” (VIDEO)

The Bushwick Trailer (VIDEO)

Starring: Bishop 203, Veng and Never

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Katowice Street Art Festival. April 20 – April 29 2012 (Katowice, Poland)

Katowice Street Art Festival

Olek (photo courtesy © Olek)

Katowice Street Art Festival

20-29 kwietnia 2012


Olek (USA)


plac pod Spodkiem, Katowice

Mentalgassi (Niemcy)



Mark Jenkins (USA)


ul. Mariacka 15, Katowice

Nawer vs. Temporary Space Design / DJ Krime / Daniel Drumz


godz. 20.00

sala widowiskowa DOKP, al. Roździeńskiego 1

wstęp: 5 pln


Roa (Belgia)


ul. Mariacka Tylna 11, Katowice

M-City (Polska)


ul. Sobieskiego 13, Katowice

Escif (Hiszpania)


ul. Mikusińskiego 5, Katowice

Hyuro (Argentyna)


ul. Gliwicka 58, Katowice

Moneyless (Włochy)


ul. Mariacka Tylna 13a, Katowice

Tellas (Włochy)


ul. Mariacka Tylna 13, Katowice

Swanski (Polska)


ul. Monte Cassino 5, Katowice

Ludo (Francja)


ul. Markiefki 55, Katowice

Drobczyk / Mona Tusz / Vero King / Raspazjan (Polska)


wiadukt przy ul. Mikołowskiej, Katowice

Śląski Mural (Polska)


wiadukt przy ul. Mikołowskiej, Katowic


Boogie: Bangkok, Belgrad, Kingston (Serbia / USA)

20.04-6.05.2012, wernisaż 20.04 o godz. 18.00

Galeria Centrum (d. Sektor I), Centrum Kultury Katowice, pl. Sejmu Śląskiego 2



godz. 19.00

Kinoteatr Rialto, ul. św. Jana 24

Basquiat. Une Vie

Francja 2010, 52 min.

reżyseria: J.M. Vecchiet

występują: Bruno Bischofberger, Kai Eric, Micheal Holman i in.


godz. 20.15

Kinoteatr Rialto, ul. św. Jana 24

Basquiat – Taniec ze śmiercią

USA 1996, 108 min.

reżyseria: Julian Schnabel

występują: Jeffrey Wright, Benicio del Toro, David Bowie, Gary Oldman, Denis Hopper i in.


godz. 18.00

Kinoteatr Rialto, ul. św. Jana 24

Basquiat, promienne dziecko

USA 2010, 88 min.

reżyseria: Tamra Davis

występują: Julian Schnabel, Larry Gagosian, Fat 5 Freddy, Thurston Moore i in.


godz. 20.00

Kinoteatr Rialto, ul. św. Jana 24

The New York Beat Movie a.k.a. Downtown 81

USA 1981, 72 min.

reżyseria: Edo Bertoglio

występują: Fat 5 Freddy, Vincent Gallo, Deborah Harry, John Lurie i in.



godz. 18.00

Rondo Sztuki, Rondo im. Gen. J. Ziętka 1

Podczas tegorocznej edycji Festiwalu odbędzie się debata poświęcona wyzwaniom, jakie obecnie stają przed street artem – komercjalizacją, festiwalizacją, wejściem sztuki ulicy do czterech ścian galerii. Do zabrania głosu zostali zaproszeni: Kristel Talv (Nuart Festival ze Stavanger w Norwegii), Angelo Milano (FAME Festival z Grottaglie we Włoszech) oraz Polacy: Ixi Color z Fundacji Vlepvnet w Warszawie i Michał Bieżyński z Fundacji Urban Forms w Łodzi. Debatę poprowadzi Łukasz Greszta (portal


Prezentując najnowsze zjawiska współczesnego street artu nie można pominąć zeszłorocznych ruchów rewolucyjnych, które przetoczyły się przez kraje Bliskiego Wschodu i które odbiły się szerokim echem na całym świecie. Znaczącą rolę w tych wydarzeniach odegrała egipska scena artystyczna, która – wychodząc na ulicę i tworząc tam politycznie zaangażowane prace – zachęcała ludzi do sprzeciwu wobec tyranii i zniewoleniu przez ówczesne władze. Wracając do tego, co leżało u podstaw street artu, egipscy artyści pokazali światu, jaką rolę może odgrywać sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej, nie ulegając przy tym komercjalizacji, uprzedmiotowieniu i dekoracyjności.

Ahmad Abdalla


godz. 20.00

Kinoteatr Rialto, ul. św. Jana 24

The Microphone

Egipt 2010, 120 min.

reżyseria: Ahmad Abdalla

+ spotkanie z reżyserem

Ganzeer – spotkanie


godz. 18.00

Klub Festiwalowy KATO, ul. Mariacka 13


Young Fathers – koncert otwarcia


godz. 20.00

ul. Mariacka

U Know Me Night: Kixnare / Teielte


godz. 21.00

Klub Festiwalowy KATO, ul. Mariacka 13

KATO meets BRESLAU: Teleport Katowice / Igor Boxx


godz. 20.00

Podcienia Centrum Kultury Katowice, pl. Sejmu Śląskiego 2

Cosmin TGR


godz. 21.00

Flow Club

ul. 3 Maja 23

wstęp: 10 pln

Nawer vs. Temporary Space Design / DJ Krime / Daniel Drumz


godz. 20.00

sala widowiskowa DOKP, al. Roździeńskiego 1

wstęp: 5 pln

MaxFlo Fest


godz. 20.00

Mega Club, ul. Żelazna 9

wstęp: pierwsze 300 sztuk – 25 pln, w przedsprzedaży – 30 pln, w dniu koncertu – 35 pln


Warsztaty z kibicami


Prowadzenie: Urwis

Uczestnicy: kibice GKS Katowice / zapisy zamknięte

miejsce: Stadion GKS Katowice / ul. Jabłoniow

Warsztaty z typografii miejskiej



Prowadzenie: Zofia Oslislo-Piekarska

Uczestnicy: dzieci uczęszczające do MDK Bogucice

Miejsce: MDK Bogucice

Warsztaty dźwiękowe


Prowadzenie: Marcin Dymiter

Uczestnicy: 16-30 lat / zapisy:

Miejsce: SARP Katowice, ul. Dyrekcyjna 9

Warsztaty z szablonu


Prowadzenie: Czarnobyl / Pisa73

Uczestnicy: młodzież z Domu Dziecka Stanica

Miejsce: Dom Dziecka Stanic




godz. 20.00

plac pod Spodkiem
Przed wyjazdem, w godzinach 18.00 – 20.00 na placu pod Spodkiem odbędą się warsztaty frisbee, które poprowadzi Śląskie Stowarzyszenie Graczy Ultimate Freezebeatz.

Wycieczka rowerowa szlakiem sztuki PRL-u


godz. 10.00


Start: KATObar, ul. Mariacka 13

Zawody rolkowo-deskowe


godz. 10.00

Miejsce: Skatepark PTG, Katowice
W czasie trwania zawodów, w godz. 10.00 – 18.00 odbędą się warsztaty frisbee, które poprowadzi Śląskie Stowarzyszenie Graczy Ultimate Freezebeatz.

Wycieczka rowerowa szlakiem katowickich murali


godz. 10.00


Start: KATObar, ul. Mariacka 13


Warsztaty budowania latawców

15.03.2012 / 1.04.2012

godz. 16.00

Warsztaty tworzenia murali


godz. 12.00 – 14.00

Prowadzenie: Stowarzyszenie Kuklok


godz. 10.00-16.00

Prowadzenie: 0700 team

miejsce: klub Piekarni.

Piknik z Latawcem


godz. 13.00

Kopiec Wyzwolenia, Piekary Śląskie

0700 team


Kamienica na rogu ul. Bytomskiej i Wyszyńskiego

oraz Brzeziny Śląskie

Stowarzyszenie Kuklok


Kamienica na rogu ul. Wyszyńskiego i Traugutta

Przegląd Piekarskich Amatorskich Zespołów Muzycznych


Ośrodek Kultury Andaluzja, ul. Oświęcimska 45

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