Unruly Gallery Presents: Egs Solo Show. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Unruly Gallery is proud to present EGSEgs is the most internationally recognized Finnish graffiti artist. His career started in Helsinki during the late 80s and was part of the country’s first graffiti wave.
His art is an anthropological research into graffiti.
At first Egs searched for every piece of graffiti in his own neighbourhood, then in the rest of Helsinki before heading to meet and paint with like minded writers in all corners of Europe.

The last 25 years he has painted in five continents
and over 40 countries. He has sought inspiration in local graffiti scenes worldwide and collected global graffiti folklore for his own art.“Every wave, star, drip or block I have ever painted can be traced to this attitude of graffiti anthropologist. Every fade is reminiscent of some graffiti that I have seen. Every 3D or bubble has a story to tell. Every piece I’ve done pays an homage to the great graffiti folklore.” -Egs

Egs’ art has been exhibited in galleries and on walls all over the world.
The works in the upcoming exhibition at Unruly Gallery in Amsterdam are inspired by graffiti art in its most distilled form: a name painted in black.

Cliffordstraat 26, 1051 GT Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Aerosol Bridge Club and Urban Stylistix present: KOSMOPOLITE ART TOUR. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Aerosol Bridge Club and Urban Stylistix present KOSMOPOLITE ART TOUR – warm-up edition for 2013 – an international exhibition and big mural painting in Amsterdam, JustWritingMyName and more side-events.

13 internationally renowned urban artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain and Switzerland exhibit at MC Theater Amsterdam from October 7th. The exhibition opening will start at 17:00 and include an eclectic line-up:

Amik – Besok – Bonzai (uk) – BustArt (ch) – Casroc (be) – Chuck – Focus – Juice – Moze – Recal – Revolt77 – Richart 2010 – Skount (es)

All artists team up with a crowd of local heroes to paint a 650qm mural painting in the Northern part of Amsterdam within a common theme: “Circle of time” – 2012 the year of the Mayan Calendar.

Beast – Erik Heijbroek – Kash – Klash – KRM – Los – Maedist – Naad Artworks – Ottograph – Ser – Skating Chinchilla – Sket185 – Srek – TVKillz – Zaira

The Kosmopolite Art Tour will host the international Graffiti event “JustWritingMyName” providing extra wall space for invited artists from Amsterdam and Den Haag.
The Kosmopolite Art Tour was originally initiated by three contemporary art collectives: Mac Crew (Paris/Bagnolet), Farm Prod (Brussels) and Aerosol Bridge Club (Amsterdam) in order to promote the development of pictorial art through the model of international artistic meetings and exchanges.

The project has started in three European cities in 2009 – Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris – with the objective to present an eclectic overview of contemporary pictorial art through mural creations and exhibitions. The project expanded internationally in 2011 involving the cities of Johannesburg, Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Now the KAT will return to Amsterdam for the second time!


International exhibition of Urban Artists

Date: 07.10. – 14.10.2012
Exhibition opening: 07.10.2012 – 17:00, free entrance
Location: MC Theater, Polonceaukade 5 . Westerpark . Amsterdam
Curator: Daniel Doebner, Markus Hinger, Sandor Sweet

07.10.2012 – 17:00
Polonceaukade 5 . Westerpark . Amsterdam
free entrance

Marker Paint Jam @ Live On The Low
09.10.2012 – 22:00 – 04:00
Winston Kingdom . Warmoestraat 131 . Amsterdam
5 euro before 24:00, 7.5 euro after

Live Mural Painting
11. – 14.10.2012 – daytime
Het Breed / Nieuwe Purmerweg . Amsterdam Noord
free entrance

JustWritingMyName Graffiti & BlockJam BBQ
13.10.2012 13:00 – 20:00
Het Breed / Nieuwe Purmerweg . Amsterdam Noord
free entrance

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ArTicks Gallery Presents: “Peeta – A Solo Show” (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)



ArTicks Gallery is pleased to announce PEETA – A SOLO SHOW, a solo exhibition consisting of new paintings and sculptures by the Italian artist Peeta.

Peeta endeavours to realize the sculptural quality of individual letters, namely the ones that spell out his own name. Being aware of the Greco-Latin origins of today’s modern alphabet which give it a certain abstract, rather than figural, quality, his task departs from this graphical history to follow the formal methods of Chinese and Islamic calligraphy. With his works, the artist always selects the specific letters “P-E-E-T-A” and breaks them from their generic typographical form, stylizing them with shape and volume beyond their mere semantic function. Thus his lettering is brought into the fluidity of the urban, where words are continuously ruptured from their own histories, readapted into idiom and gestures learned from the street.

And it is this urban terrain that Peeta is always drawn to: street walls, trains, abandoned factories. In a way, his work is record of evolving inscription—not in its traditional sense, but in terms of a fluency acquired through the urban vernacular. Peeta calls this a “geometry of writing”, where the rules are changeable and words are modified, deconstructed and regenerated as they intersect with convention and the new.

Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita, has been active as a graffiti artist since 1993 and is currently living in Venice. He is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has participated in graffiti jams and Meeting of Styles events in Europe and the Americas. His work explores the potential of sculptural lettering, both in painting and in three dimensions. Peeta has exhibited at the Santorini Biennale (2012); Megastore Gallery – The Hague (2007); Magazzini del Sale – Venice (2007-2008); Edgeart Gallery – Manchester (2008); PrettyPortal Gallery – Düsseldorf (2009); Baron Gallery and Ayden Gallery – Vancouver (2010-2011); Da Baker Gallery – New York (2010); and H+ Gallery – Lyon (2011), among many others.

“PEETA – A SOLO SHOW” runs from 10th August – 30th August, 2012
Vernissage: Friday 10th August from 18:00 – 21:30

ArTicks Gallery Singel 88 Amsterdam, Nh 1015AD


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ArTicks Gallery and Starkart Art Exhibitions Present: BLADE The King of Graffiti. (Zürich, Switzerland)


A Solo Show at Starkart Exhibitions June 23rd through July 8th, 2012.

Vernissage June 23 18:00 – 21:00

BLADE The King of GraffitiStarkart Exhibitions of Zurich in partnership with ArTicks Gallery of Amsterdam are proud to present a solo show by legendary graffiti artist Steven BLADE Ogburn, who will be making a rare personal appearance at the opening.

Starkart Exhibitions opened tree years ago, putting the emphasis on exploring and developing new concepts, for presenting, perceiving and curating art. This evolved into a cutting-edge urban art space, showing various styles of contemporary art, laying the focus on: graffiti, street-art, and urban interventions. Since then, various projects, resulted in a series of highly successful exhibitions with local and and international artists. Focusing on providing a supportive environment for the arts and their role in the community, Starkart Exhibitions draws an increasingly large and diverse crowd.

Owner Roman Lew who is into Graffiti since more than 20 years himself, is personally curating the upcoming BLADE show, which will feature a selection of his oldschool full train canvases as well as more recent abstract works in a style which the man now known as The King Of Graffiti has referred to as abstragraff. Using the name BLADE, Steven began writing graffiti in the early 1970s, during the infancy of what would grow to be a worldwide art movement. Prior to 1972 he mainly produced ‘single hits’ on walls and the inside of trains. These simple tags evolved into more elaborate early pieces, but it was when he began painting the outsides of trains that BLADE found his medium. Over 5000 trains bore his name between 1972 and 1984, earning him the title ‘King of Trains’ among his friends and contemporaries.

Running concurrently with the BLADE solo show is a group show, ‘Stencil Bastards‘, featuring nine international stencil artists and curated by Christian Guemy

“Blade King of Graffiti”
Curated by Roman Leu
23. Juni – 8. July 2012
Opening: 23 Juni 18 – 24 Uhr
Hours: Thu/Fri 17 – 20 h, Sat 14 – 19 h
Starkart Exhibitions, Brauerstrasse 126, 8004 Zürich.


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ArTicks Gallery Presents: Rachid Skezoid Ouaziz Solo Show (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Rachid SKEZOID Ouaziz Solo Show

9 – 25 November, 2011
8:00pm – 11:00pm
Vernissage 11th November from 8pm till 11pm

Rachid Ouaziz, SKEZOID is originally North African Berber ascent and grew up in a polder town in the north of Holland. He started doing graffiti as a ‘late schooler’ in ’87, focusing mainly on characters, influenced by television cartoons and comics. His art is best to described as ‘character catharsis’ – awkward beauties with a focus on outlines, accompanied by colors depending on medium and surfaces. His characters outlines are like the ones standing next to graffiti letters, weighting heavily on the mug side, allowing the mugs heavier than the piece. During this 2 weeks solo exhibition opening on 11th November 2011 in the ArTicks Gallery in Amsterdam, Rachid will show his latest work. See previous works on


ArTicks Gallery
Proudly specialising in urban contemporary and street art, ArTicks Gallery is a refreshing addition to the Amsterdam art scene. Showcasing the talents of artists who work in the no-man’s-land between graffiti and fine art, ArTicks Gallery exhibitions are curated with an eye for skill, passion and humour. Exhibitions change frequently and feature original works by both international and local artists. This small, unpretentious gallery opened in May of 2011 on the Singel canal in the centre of Amsterdam and is easily reached from both Dam Square and Centraal Station. ArTicks Art Consultancy provides consulting services from art rentals through creative marketing projects. Their skills and experience in management and art are effectively applied to advertising, branding, event promotion and merchandising.
ArTicks Gallery Singel 88 Amsterdam, Nh 1015AD
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Fun Friday 10.14.11


1. MONIKER in London
3. Dabs & Myla with Shea&Ziegler from London
4. D*Face with Stolen Space
5. Able and Baker Gallery from Cologne: Ben Aine. ROA. Pure Evil. Herakut. Rero.
6. AIKO with Andenken Gallery from Amsterdam
7. AIKO Solo Show at PURE EVIL (London)
8. Word to Mother solo show “Essence of Adolescence” Friday Stolen Space Gallery
9. “Ok, Enough, Goodbye”, film at MOMA
10. How and Nosm solo show “Achtung!” Saturday at Known Gallery (LA)
11. WRONA at Pandemic Saturday (Brooklyn)

MONIKER in London


Let’s all head to Shoreditch in East London this weekend for the Moniker International Art Fair, where there will be new stuff from a bunch of Street Artists . In addition, some of the galleries at the fair are having openings back home. Here are some of the exhibitors to help you find your way:




Cash For Your Warhol. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Dabs & Myla with Shea&Ziegler from London



Image from Dabs and Myla in Los Angeles at ThinkSpace Gallery 2011 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

D*Face with Stolen Space


brooklyn-street-art-stolen-space-gallery-logo Stolen Space Gallery will be having a print release of ‘Going Nowhere Fast’ By D*Face on Saturday 15th at 11 am at Moniker Art Fair.

Image of D*Face in Los Angeles 2011 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Able and Baker Gallery from Cologne: Ben Aine. ROA. Pure Evil. Herakut. Rero.



Image of Herakut in Los Angeles, CA (photo © Jaime Rojo)

AIKO with Andenken Gallery from Amsterdam



Image of Aiko in downtown Los Angeles, 2011 with LA Freewalls Project. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For full details, schedule of events and venues for Moniker International Art Fair click on the link below:

AIKO Solo Show at PURE EVIL (London)


AIKO’S solo show “Unstoppable Ways” at Pure Evil Gallery opens today from 6 to 9 pm

Aiko at work on a wall in Los Angeles Arts District for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For more details regarding this show click on the link below:

Word to Mother solo show “Essence of Adolescence” Friday Stolen Space Gallery

‘Essence of Adolescence’ is an enlightening glimpse into the artist’s visually obsessed mind. Word To Mother invites the viewer to take a glimpse of his inner mindscape. An outward manifestation that combines references drawn from his childhood and the visual stimulation that he absorbed; cartoons juxtaposed with more serious emotive thoughts and fears that face him as an adult living and painting in East London.


Word to Mother. Los Angeles 2011. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

“Ok, Enough, Goodbye”, film at MOMA

Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia will be on hand to answer questions when they screen their new film “Ok, Enough, Goodbye” at  The Museum of Modern Art in New York City this weekend.


Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia. “Ok, Enough, Goodbye” Still from the movie.

The screenings with the Auteurs in attendance will be held this weekend on Friday and Saturday.

For more information about times and tickets please click on the link below:

How and Nosm solo show “Achtung!” Saturday at Known Gallery (LA)


How and Nosm in NYC 2011 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

WRONA at Pandemic Saturday (Brooklyn)

Wrona solo show “Pretty Horrible” opens on Saturday at Pandemic Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where there is always assured a good time.



For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

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The Sharpshooting of Street Artists In Amsterdam : DosJotas

Cities and municipalities around the globe have no cohesive opinion or set of organized practices in response to Street Art.  Heated rhetoric and strict criminal proceedings in one city contrasts sharply with a laissez faire or even loving embrace in another.  Terminology in one city may lump all artistic expression together with vandalism while another carefully makes distinctions between categories such as vandalism, sanctioned, graffiti, street art, and others.


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)

While one city has on-the-spot buffers and power spray washers and special  authorities on the lookout for even a sticker, others are sponsoring projects and setting aside walls or neighborhoods specifically for the growing interest and expression in what they consider a peoples art movement.  Some are even rushing to preserve certain Street Art works as important landmarks. Among the contributing factors that determine how a city responds to the occurrence of graffiti and/or Street Art include cultural attitudes, class issues, relative wealth, historical attitudes, the ebb and flow of public opinion, the educational system, the influence of business and arts constituencies, and even the potential for one to make political hay.  In between the extremes are a patchwork of options including, of course, the indifferent.


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)

Some times the cat and mouse game in the mind of a street artist can become quite intense and storied. DosJotas is a Spanish Street Artist residing in Amsterdam who has been exploring with his art the relationship between the government and their Street Artists. With his installation titled “Street Wars in Amsterdam” he depicts the relationship in blunt warlike terms, with the power and military might far overshadowing the unarmed aerosol spraying individual. Using plain black stickers cut out as silhouettes, DosJotas portrays a very stark and severely unbalanced use of violent force brought to bear – helicopters, drones, sharpshooters – all allied to blow away the wheat paster or man with a can.

Dude, watch out in Amsterdam, they’ll crush you with a tank. No lie.


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)

Of course, we know (or sincerely hope) the scenes are a metaphor, an exaggeration intended to illustrate. Looking at a description of the project from the artist, we’re thinking there are no snipers on the roof, but that it is a commentary on a more pervasive cleansing of public space that the artist is reacting to;

“To speak of weapons is not to strictly speak of pistols, machine guns or tanks; but of strategies.

The streets have become controlled and tamed by the architects, politicians and businessmen, where any expression contrary to power is censored or criminalized.

A spray, a poster, a stencil or a sticker, may be the best weapons in a city. All subversive and illegal acts performed in public spaces are a defense of public spaces.”

~ DosJotas


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


DosJotas “Street Wars in Amsterdam” (photo © Courtesy of the artist)

Visit DosJotas site for more on his art:

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ArTicks Gallery Presents: Blade “The King’s New Line” (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


26 June – July 14, 2011

Blade ‘The King of Graffiti’ returns to Amsterdam for a triple event in his honor. Starting at ArTicks Gallery with the exhibition of Blade’s newest collection of artworks on canvas. Then a presentation at 5-Elementz by the king himself, showing and telling about the 70’s graffiti scene and the old ‘lines’ of the New York subway that he use to rule. After an autograph signing and meeting opportunity, the last part of the trilogy will take place at Cafe Batavia 1920 where the king and subjects can feast on NYC style hotdogs and drinks. During the day you are welcomed at the Utopia Hotel to relax with some fresh Blade Haze. While there you will find a few paintings on the wall by Recal.

Opening Exhibition Sunday 26th of June

13:00 – 19:00 Art Exhibition

ArtickS Gallery
Singel 88
1015-AD Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Email: info (@)
Phone: +31 (0)20 737 1505

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