5 Pieces Gallery Present: “Brett Amory – Lil’ Homies”. (Berne, Switzerland)

5 Pieces Gallery is pleased to show these brand new works by outstanding American painter Brett Amory. This exhibition will run at 5piecesgallery.com from December 16th 2012 to January 15th 2013. Please reserve works by December 15th 2012.

Amory began the Waiting series in 2001 with paintings based on photographs the artist has taken of ordinary city architecture and random people who he saw daily but never spoke to. He feels especially drawn to individuals who look lost, lonely or awkward—those who don’t appear to fit in socially. As the title suggests, the Waiting series depicts how people are distracted by constant internal dialogue, preoccupation with memories of the past and/or concern for the future, never able to live in the present moment. Amory’s work attempts to visually represent this concept of disconnection, detachment, and anticipation, conveying the idea of transient temporality that exists in the moments of our daily lives.

At first, the series, depicted travelers waiting underground. But as the paintings evolved, the people ceased to be exclusively travelers, and began to emphasize figures selected from anonymous snaphots of city streets. Although the experience of waiting remains, the perception of it has changed from one of mundane task to one leavened with transcendence.

The series has also charted the evolution of an artist—the reductive elements of the compositions provide an outward echo of the inner states of the figures. By reducing the elements of the painting as far as possible, a frozen moment is extended.

Lastly, I have developed favored motifs in the series, a kind of visual music, such as repetition of a human image, to show not only the passage of time but of the human being through it.

16 December 2012 – 15 January 2013: Brett Amory – ‘Lil Homies’

5 Pieces Gallery
Alpenstrasse 53
3073 Guemligen, Berne

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Starkart Art Exhibitions Present: “Stencil Bastards” Curated By Christian Guemy. (Zürich, Switzerland)

Stencil Bastards

C215, Epsylon Point, Eime, Btoy, Orticanoodles, Kris Trappeniers Leckomio und Snik

Eine Gruppenschau mit 9 Künstlern aus dem Umfeld der Street-Art Urban-Art, die Schablonen als ihr Stilmittel gewählt haben. Sie sind aus halb Europa, was heisst diese Ausstellung ist eine gute Gelegenheit für Leute die speziell interessiert sind an dieser Art von Graffiti Kultur, um sich einen Überblick zu verschaffen was da so abgeht.
Christian Guemy kuratiert.

Alle der Insgesamt neun Künstler aus dem Umfeld der Street Art, Urban Art und Graffiti Kultur, werden ihre Werke erstmals in der Schweiz zeigen.
Epsylon Point (FR), C215 (FR), Eime (PT), Btoy (ES), Orticanoodles (IT), Kris Trappeniers (BE), Leckomio (DE) und Snik (UK), sind sogenannte Stencil Artists und gehören
mit zu den bekanntesten in Europa. Sie nutzen überwiegend den öffentlichen Raum als ihr Medium und Schablonen als ihr Werkzeug.

Einer der berühmtesten unter ihnen ist sicherlich Christian Guemy aus Paris, auch bekannt unter seinem Künstlernamen C215.
Sein farbenfroher Stil, sein Talent, Mut, und seine unglaubliche Schaffenskraft sind ein wichtiger Teil der Stencil-Art Bewegung, die immer mehr Fans rund um den Globus findet.
Er hat schon an zahlreichen Ausstellungen teilgenommen, wird in zahllosen Publikationen erwähnt und kürzlich ein eigenes Buch “Community Service” veröffentlicht. Seine Werke findet man von Oslo über London, Paris, Moscow, Rom, Barcelona, Berlin und in vielen anderen Städten, über ganz Europa verstreut, bis hin nach Casablanca, Brooklyn, Sao Paolo und Neu-Dehli.

Erstmals in der Schweiz widmet sich eine Ausstellung exklusiv der Stencil-Art, dieser eigenständigen Richtung innerhalb der Graffiti Kultur.

Vernissage 8 Juni ab 18 Uhr, die SKA Band “Pueblo Criminal” aus Zürich (9 Leute) spielt auch an diesem Abend und DJ: “Musical Warfare”, er legt Early Reggae, Rock Steady and Ska auf…

Stencil History X Feature über die Ausstellung:
Stencil Bastards at Starkart Gallery Zurich

“Stencil Bastards”
Kuratiert von Christian Guemy
8. Juni – 8. July 2012
Vernissage: 8 Juni 18 – 24 Uhr
Öffnungszeiten: Do/Fr 17 – 20 Uhr, Sa 14 – 19 Uhr
Starkart Exhibitions, Brauerstrasse 126, 8004 Zürich

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New Pieces from Ludo in Zurich for His First Solo Show

French Street Artist LUDO is back in Paris and fresh from his first solo show at the Starkat Gallery in Zurich, which was very well attended and as they say, well receeeeeeived.

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-Roman-starkart-5-webLUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)

The Zurichian streets received LUDO too. Roman from Starkat took these photos on the streets of this “spic-and- span” wealthiest city of Europe and shares a few with you here.  LUDO’s ongoing wild imaginary mutant plants look as futuristic and menacing as ever, and in a pristine mall-like environment like this Swiss centerpiece, you have to wonder how how far some of these contraptions can be from reality. There’s some chocolate for thought.


Nature’s Revenge is the name of the series LUDO has been working on for a couple of years; a commentary on a lust for high-tech weaponry and man’s unending ability to foul the earth. Looking at all those directional signs is apparently a sort of bureaucratic revenge from the Department of Transportation. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


Thematically disturbing and humorous, Ludo’s work is usually finished with a few splashes of minty green, like a toxic sorbet. LUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


LUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


LUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


LUDO in the gallery produced a mummified mini-car. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)

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Stencil Top 5 for 03.08.10 on BSA


The Stencil Top 5 as picked by Samantha Longhi of StencilHistoryX

"The colour Out of Space" by UK's Eelus from "Lily Stay Put" solo show in London ( image ©Unusualimage)
“Lily Stay Put” by UK’s Eelus from “The Colour Our of Space” solo show in London at Blackall Studios (image ©Unusualimage)

Boxi from the Carmichael Gallery curated show just opened: “Re-Creation II” at Ogilvy & Mather (photo ©Lois In Wonderland)

Boxi from the Carmichael Gallery curated show just opened: “Re-Creation II” at Ogilvy & Mather offices in Manhattan (photo ©Lois In Wonderland)

Discours sur la paix  Pochoirs sur couverture de livre  Pour l’exposition personnelle de Stéphane Moscato STF @ Galerie Guillaume Daeppen, Bâle, Suisse

"Discours Sur La Paix" book cover for the solo show by Stéphane Moscato STF at Galerie Guillaume Daeppen in Basle, Switzerland.


Fu from France "Attachée", (stencil on canvas 33 x 46 cm", from the series "Erotique & Sexy" (image courtesy of the artist)


"Owly" by Indigo from Vancouver (stencil on canvas) (image courtesy the artist)

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Stéphane Moscato STF

Galerie Guillaume Daeppen (Switzerland)

Blackall Studios (Shoreditch, London)

“Re-Creation II” Show (NYC)

Carmichael Gallery (Culver City, CA)

Olgivy Gallery

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