Verve Hair Lounge Presents: Indigo Blue Solo Show “Towards The Light” (North Vancouver Canada)

Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue Photo Courtesy of the Artist
Indigo Blue Photo Courtesy of the Artist

You found your wings, lift slow through charcoal skies.  Weighted, I remain.
Seven years later, I move forward, choose light.  Paint pictures not of you but for you – and even now I cannot find the words to write.  Still just a heartbeat, still just a breath away, goodbye seems too strong a word for an absence only as complete as I choose to believe.  Seven years later, I know that you would want to see me smile.

Verve Hair Lounge and Art Gallery is very excited to be showcasing the talent of urban artist Indigo in her first solo show, Towards the Light.  This talented young artist has seen much acclaim in the past year, having showcased her talent internationally in cities such as Toronto, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and of course her home base of Vancouver.

Known for her intricately cut and softly shaded stencils, Indigo has contributed to many beautiful and heartwarming murals at home and around the world.  Recent projects in Vancouver include the Paint Your Faith mural at Abbott and Hastings, the new Beatty Street Mural, Larger than Life at Ayden Gallery and a collaborative project at W2 Storeyum titled All Your Walls, her first foray into freehand work with spray paint.  Her hand-drawn method of stencil design has clearly developed this young artist’s eye and has made her recent evolution into other mediums seamless and strong.

Towards the Light consists of a series of oil paintings, drawings and prints that explore the experience of loss, grief, and regained hope.  It is a tribute to Jennifer Lynn Buhler, Indigo’s best friend throughout her youth, who passed away in a car crash in 2003.  All source images used in this exhibition were created in collaboration with photographer Miles de Courcy, with hair by Verve’s Amber George and makeup by Marlayna Pincott.

Artist Reception

Sunday August 29
5 – 9 pm
Verve Hair Lounge
227 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver

Food Tasting by Nuba Restaurant
Wine Tasting by Cerelia Winery
Music Stylings by DJ Kilocee

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Show & Tell Gallery Presents: Anthony Lister “The Beauty of Failure” (Toronto, Canada)

Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister "He Who Kneels In Darkness" 2010) Image Courtsey of the Gallery

Anthony Lister "He Who Kneels In Darkness" 2010) Image Courtsey of the Gallery

Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to welcome Anthony Lister to his first solo exhibit with the gallery as well as his first exhibition in Canada.

The Beauty of Failure is a unique look at the reward and punishment systems, and more specifically when the two overlap.The paintings and sculptures in this show demonstrate a tounge in cheek look at contemporary pop culture through Anthony‘s signature artistic style.

Anthony’s paintings, drawings, sculptures and happenings pullfrom his experiences as a youth in Australia. Superheroes,skateboarding, graffiti, tattoos, the internet, and pop culture are reflected in his artistic practice. His fine art has been displayed in galleries across the globe in cities such as New York, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and we are excited to add Toronto to the list.

1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3
Gallery Hours
Wed – Sat: 1pm -8pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
Mon & Tue: By Appointment Only

+ 647.347.3316
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Stencil Top Five 04.12.10 from BSA


The Stencil Top 5 as picked by Samantha Longhi of StencilHistoryX

A love stencil, anonymous (courtesy Stencil History X)

Funk25 from Hambourg (© Urbanartcore)

Indigo (Canada) “In Flight” (courtesy Stencil History X)

Bruno Leyval “Le Duel”

(courtesy Stencil History X)

Nazza (Argentina) “Carnaval” (courtesy Stencil History X)

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