Honeycomb Gallery Presents: Mart. Solo Show. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)



HONEYCOMB along with the support and participation of Graffittimundo, Dadamini,Sake Print and Prestigio are proud to present the inauguration of our
newest venture  with a solo show by Argentine street artist MART.
We would be honored if you would join us at the SHOWROOM on this special evening to celebrate an extraordinary young talent and our new space.
Please remember to RSVP to obtain the address and admittance. (
Press or media enquiries can be sent directly to the emails below.
Much thanks in advance
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Swoon Prepping “Murmuration” for Black Rat

Street Artist and fine artist Swoon has been laboring in London for the past weeks to prepare art for her upcoming show “Murmuration” at Black Rat Projects. The actual installation has just begun and Mike Snell says it’s “still early days” but they’ve sent us a few behind-the-scenes shots to give BSA readers a glimpse of the developing world of Swoon.

Swoon in action while rocking out to some jams. (photo © Mike Snelle)

Swoon. “Sambhavna” awaits installation at Black Rat  (photo © Mike Snelle)

Swoon. “Move it a bit more to the left…”  (photo © Mike Snelle)

Things are still a little unsettled in the orchestra pit, with violins and tubas and sheet music all akimbo. Swoon.  (photo © Mike Snelle)

Swoon soaring upward while an assistant helps with the installation  (photo © Mike Snelle)

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Stencil Top Five 04.12.10 from BSA


The Stencil Top 5 as picked by Samantha Longhi of StencilHistoryX

A love stencil, anonymous (courtesy Stencil History X)

Funk25 from Hambourg (© Urbanartcore)

Indigo (Canada) “In Flight” (courtesy Stencil History X)

Bruno Leyval “Le Duel”

(courtesy Stencil History X)

Nazza (Argentina) “Carnaval” (courtesy Stencil History X)

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