BSA Film Friday: 02.26.21

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening participants at Festival Asalto 2020:
1. Silence Shapes by Filippo Minelli
2. Apocalypse Now / INO
3. Vesod x Wasp Crew / Urban Art Field

BSA Special Feature: “Silence Shapes” by Filippo Minelli

“Most of my process is about finding the right place and finding the right time to start,” says Italian public space interventionist Filippo Minelli. During URVANITY 2019, the artist created billowing bending funnels of prodigious color that poured into the air, interacted with architecture, and redefined spatial relationships in the public realm. Our worldwide survey of ephemeral art is surpassed in brevity by this category of interactive art installation that quickly changes its dimensions and fills and evaporates.

He refers to it as giving shape to silence.

Silence Shapes by Filippo Minelli

Apocalypse Now / INO

With music by The Flood and smooth-paced shooting from Constantino Flood, Greek muralist INO is captured as he paints his masked figure in Athens at great scale.

Vesod x Wasp Crew / Urban Art Field

A quick look at the works completed by Vesod and Wasp Crew for the urban art festival hosted in the municipality of Cavagnolo for the second intervention of the three-year project. The artists say that it “addresses the issues of Sustainability and Equality, in terms of respect for the climate and the right to live in a healthy environment.”