Derek Gores x Moniker x BSA

In advance of Moniker in Brooklyn this May, we are interviewing some of the artists who are influenced both by street practice and fine art as the contemporary urban art category continues to evolve. Today, BSA is talking to Derek Gores.

Commercial artist Derek Gores uses collage to create his citified fantasies about sex and power and scatters them across the canvas. He will be one of the artists doing a solo art installation at Moniker in Brooklyn this year.

Derek Gores Full Volume Brooklyn Bridge (photo courtesy of the artist)

BSA: How would you describe your work to someone who is seeing it for the first time? Derek Gores: Collage with recycled paper, magazines, maps, lyrics, photos. A visual battle between image and abstraction. A beautiful chaos of words, spaces, hints of a story that develops in front of me. Feminist superheroes.

BSA: What is your intersection with Brooklyn and it’s history of Street Art and graffiti? 
Derek Gores: I was born in New York but have lived in Florida most of my life. Like many, I crave the buzz of the city but with a tight neighborhood density. The street art world has a constant big world/small world pulse. I don’t do murals particularly, but most of my best art friends go big.

Derek Gores. Could do Anything (photo courtesy of the artist)

BSA: What’s most important to you?
Derek Gores: Being present in the art. Keeping the senses Live.

BSA: Are graffiti and Street Art allowed to change, or should there be a strict definitions they adhere to?
Derek Gores: Oh they must, like any art form, be always destroying and rekindling. Even within one artist. New school becomes old school. Love it, honor it, stand on it’s shoulders.

BSA: Name one artist whose work you admire today.
Derek Gores: Hyland Mather

Derek Gores Pretty Hardcore (photo courtesy of the artist)

For more information please go to Moniker Art Fair HERE.