Bastardilla in Love With Bees and the Taste of Summer in Stornara, Italy

Before there were drones, there were bees. They are far more sophisticated still when it comes to their subtleties of collecting pollen on their furry bodies, flying on translucent panels through the heavy sticky air.

Bastardilla. Stornara, Italy. (photo © Bastardilla)

Here in Stornara, Italy, artist Bastardia is thinking of their bodies positively charged with static electricity, nervously excited as they plunder the petals, ready to attract the fine powder dust shaken loose from the flower, alight on the music meanderings of summer.

The artist invites us into this delicate world, imagining further the relationship of the bees and the flowers, playing to one another, with one another, their minds drunk with love.

Bastardilla. Stornara, Italy. (photo © Bastardilla)
Bastardilla. Stornara, Italy. (photo © Bastardilla)