Elfo says “Elite: R.I.P. in 2020” on Walls of Verona

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

That’s the text of a cable sent by the writer Mark Twain from London to the press in the United States after his obituary had been mistakenly published, so the story goes.

Similarly, the “elite” of 2020 may be suitably surprised by this new text piece by street commentator ELFO on the streets of Verona, Italy. Since there are roughly four months remaining to the year, maybe this is a meant to be prophecy, but from what we all can see, the “elite” are getting richer and richer from this pandemic, as well as the custom-tailored “bail-outs” from the right- and left-wing politicians who write the bills.

Elfo. Verona, Italy. (photo © Elfo)

The CARES Act Sent You a $1,200 Check but Gave Millionaires and Billionaires Far More,” says this headline from Pro Publica about the rescue plan that helped the common people. This piece and many others say it was a bonanza for the “elite” in the US.

Any prediction for the HEALS act, which has a TRUST act  inside it?

“This year because of the pandemic and protest situation I think the ‘elite’ is dying,” Elfo tells us. We’ll believe it when we see it.