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Elfo says “Elite: R.I.P. in 2020” on Walls of Verona

Elfo says “Elite: R.I.P. in 2020” on Walls of Verona

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

That’s the text of a cable sent by the writer Mark Twain from London to the press in the United States after his obituary had been mistakenly published, so the story goes.

Similarly, the “elite” of 2020 may be suitably surprised by this new text piece by street commentator ELFO on the streets of Verona, Italy. Since there are roughly four months remaining to the year, maybe this is a meant to be prophecy, but from what we all can see, the “elite” are getting richer and richer from this pandemic, as well as the custom-tailored “bail-outs” from the right- and left-wing politicians who write the bills.

Elfo. Verona, Italy. (photo © Elfo)

The CARES Act Sent You a $1,200 Check but Gave Millionaires and Billionaires Far More,” says this headline from Pro Publica about the rescue plan that helped the common people. This piece and many others say it was a bonanza for the “elite” in the US.

Any prediction for the HEALS act, which has a TRUST act  inside it?

“This year because of the pandemic and protest situation I think the ‘elite’ is dying,” Elfo tells us. We’ll believe it when we see it.

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Duchamp Is Fake News : ELFO

Duchamp Is Fake News : ELFO

The Italian textual conceptualist and urban/suburban public space instigator ELFO has lodged his complaint on a wall against the misinformation that forms our perceptions. The humorous one-off screed caught our attention so we asked him about this low-fi textwork that seems decidedly Duchampian, with a nod to Magritte’s pipe.

Elfo. Verona, Italy. April 2019. (photo © Elfo)

BSA: Duchamp challenged conceptions of the art world with his “readymade” pieces and many a critic called him a fake. Your commentary references the “fake news” meme favored by the right wing news and politicians. How did you make the connection?

ELFO: Currently my work is returning to this message. I want to speak of the world and the history of art in ironic and contemporary way using contemporary terms. I chose Duchamp because his artwork changed the world of art.  Duchamp is perfect because he played with fake identity and the critic system rendered him as a fake. He changed the rules of art, for me and many artists.

BSA: What role should art play in this world of “fake news”?

ELFO: In this world of fake news, art probably is a big fake – if it does not reflect society as a mirror.

BSA:  Do you think art should always reflect our society like a mirror?

ELFO: The problem is not fake news in this world – it’s the human  brain. Art must speak about serious issues like pollution for example. This is the next subject I’ll address since I have been looking at it for a long time.

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