BSA Film Friday: 06.26.29

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. 1UP in Napoli “This is Not Art Anymore” Parts 1 & 2
2. FLW_IN – Open Letter

BSA Special Feature: 1UP in Napoli “This is Not Art Anymore” Parts 1 & 2

There is spraycation, and then there is the 1UP Family Reunion, which was recently in Napoli. Members came from far and wide to see one another and to spread the familial gospel in aerosol. There were rounds of cards, bowls of pasta, storytelling, backslapping, and some family fights about perceived slights, or girls. But as far as most dysfunctional families and their reunions go, this one was pretty tame. Yeah, right.

“The architecture is chaotic and in the midst of it we are just walking around. Roll ups, roll downs. Partying hard in the streets.”

“There would be a lot less love in my life without the graffiti, without One United Power.”

FLW_IN – Open Letter

Musician Joseph Gabriel Harris AKA FLW-IN speaks from the heart in an “Open Letter” about the issues of systemic racism and being a black man in a hostile society that is now openly talking and examining. An American now living in Barcelona, he has an inside/outside perspective that can help bridge gaps in understanding. Of note, he also leans on the talents of a number of street artists/ mural artists and the Black Walls Movement for background art in this piece.