disCONNECT Wall Of Fame / Free Coloring Books

In need a calming yet stimulating distraction during these tumultuous times? Artists from Schoeni Projects and HK Walls have made a free coloring book for you and so much more.

Aida Wilde (photo © Jenny Lewis)

They’re also mounting a show in a Victorian townhouse in South West London as part of an exhibition created during our Covid-19 lockdown and we’ll be bringing you exclusive installations from them. They’re calling it the disCONNECT Wall of Fame and it will run July 24 – August 24.

And here’s a sweet spot: You can participate in the exhibition with your own work. Submissions of your complete own creation on your thoughts and feelings about the pandemic are welcomed; a quote, a poem, a drawing, a painting.

Click here for all the details https://schoeniprojects.com/

Participating artists:

Adam Neate (UK)
Aida Wilde (Iran)
Alex Fakso (Italy)
Mr.Cenz (UK)
David Bray (UK)
Herakut (Germany)
Icy and Sot (Iran)
Isaac Cordal (Spain)
Vhils (Portugal)
ZOER (Italy)

David Bray (photo courtesy of Schoeni Projects)

An unusual approach to most unusual circumstances, this joint London/Hong Kong show will reflect on the creative and physical constraints of the current global crisis, exploring psychological and political reactions to the crisis, as well as the role of technology as conduit between the two. Accessible to online audiences through Matterport software, each work is further activated through an accompanying program of digital initiatives, including downloadable artworks, online videos, virtual tours and an Instagram Live interview series.

Mr Cenz (photo courtesy of Schoeni Projects)