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disCONNECT Wall Of Fame / Free Coloring Books

disCONNECT Wall Of Fame / Free Coloring Books

In need a calming yet stimulating distraction during these tumultuous times? Artists from Schoeni Projects and HK Walls have made a free coloring book for you and so much more.

Aida Wilde (photo © Jenny Lewis)

They’re also mounting a show in a Victorian townhouse in South West London as part of an exhibition created during our Covid-19 lockdown and we’ll be bringing you exclusive installations from them. They’re calling it the disCONNECT Wall of Fame and it will run July 24 – August 24.

And here’s a sweet spot: You can participate in the exhibition with your own work. Submissions of your complete own creation on your thoughts and feelings about the pandemic are welcomed; a quote, a poem, a drawing, a painting.

Click here for all the details

Participating artists:

Adam Neate (UK)
Aida Wilde (Iran)
Alex Fakso (Italy)
Mr.Cenz (UK)
David Bray (UK)
Herakut (Germany)
Icy and Sot (Iran)
Isaac Cordal (Spain)
Vhils (Portugal)
ZOER (Italy)

David Bray (photo courtesy of Schoeni Projects)

An unusual approach to most unusual circumstances, this joint London/Hong Kong show will reflect on the creative and physical constraints of the current global crisis, exploring psychological and political reactions to the crisis, as well as the role of technology as conduit between the two. Accessible to online audiences through Matterport software, each work is further activated through an accompanying program of digital initiatives, including downloadable artworks, online videos, virtual tours and an Instagram Live interview series.

Mr Cenz (photo courtesy of Schoeni Projects)
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“Cash Is King II” is Rolling In It at Saatchi in London

“Cash Is King II” is Rolling In It at Saatchi in London

Now that corporate and global debt has surged to an all-time high, posing unprecedented risk to the value of all money, it’s a sweet and sour nostalgia that drives you into your purse or wallet to pluck out a thin colorful slice of that rumpled paper fiat currency to buy yourself a beer at your local pub.

Bitcoin may be coming, and plastic is fantastic but in some parts of the world, cash is still king. And it rules everything around you.

Icy & Sot. Last Supper Five Dollar Bill (photo courtesy of the curators)

Right now you can see a collection of these banknotes from around the world developed as a series of canvasses at London’s Saatchi Gallery – mutated and defaced and adorned by graffiti and Street Artists, along with a series by Iranian born Aida Wilde, who uses banknotes from Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.

Penny. Picasso Ten Pound Note (photo courtesy of the curators)

Cash is King II, a sequel to last years Cash is King – the brainchild book and exhibition of artists Robert Osborne and Carrie Reichardt, the show opened this week to an appreciative crowd who appeared to really enjoy seeing bills reimagined.

Jef Aerosol. Arts Can’t Buy Me Love (photo courtesy of the curators)

Curators Susan Hansen and Olly Walker share these images here with us and tell us they’re also happy that Ms. Wilde’s sales are going to benefit the Help Refugees organization so they are able to continue their work around the world. Not surprisingly perhaps, “Many of these banknotes represent some of the countries that have seen the highest numbers of people become refugees in recent years,” says Hansen.

Olly Walker. Process shot. (photo courtesy of the curators)
Aida Wilde. And We Walk Eritrean. Process shot. (photo courtesy of the curators)
Al Diaz. Samo Dollar (photo courtesy of the curators)
1 UP Crew. Tag Dollar (photo courtesy of the curators)
Anthony Lister. Zero To One Hundred Real Quick Dollar (photo courtesy of the curators)
Bortusk Leer. Art Is Not Serious (photo courtesy of the curators)
Caroline Caldwell. Oil Money Dollar (photo courtesy of the curators)
John Fekner. Greed Dollar (photo courtesy of the curators)
Cash Is King 2: Money Talks. Opening night. (photo courtesy of the curators)

Aida Wilde’s work will available for sale on the Saatchi website from 2pm on Tuesday the 20th of August. All proceeds will go to support Help Refugees’ work around the world.

Cash is King II: Money Talks features works of art executed on banknotes, an exhibition curated by Olly Walker of Ollystudio.

Cash Is King 2: Money Talks is currently on view at the Saatchi Gallery in London installed in the Prints and Originals space until September 8th. Otherwise, click HERE to view and purchase available works of art.

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