Elfo: “Help Alive Inside” / Dispatch From Isolation # 48

Dark humor is precisely what we need at this moment. 20,000 people in New York City have died. Bodies are stacking up in refrigerated trucks and unmarked common graves in New York while the obtuse Trump is trying to tell us its safe to “reopen” states.

Right. You first.

Meanwhile Italian artist Elfo is taking inspiration from the classic horror zombie film, “Day of the Dead” with this new text intervention scrawled across a wall.

Elfo “Help Alive Inside”. (photo © Elfo)

Part of it also speaks to the frustrating feelings one can experience stuck inside your home and keeping your distance from the rest of humanity, even if you feel like you are doing the safe thing, the responsible thing — while privileged and otherwise entitled navel-gazers are hanging out in Domino Park like its 1999.

A film still from “Dawn of the dead” by Jorge A. Romero. 1978.

A well-timed and apt intervention on a rooftop by Elfo somewhere in Italy.

Elfo “Help Alive Inside”. (photo © Elfo)