SpiderTag, Nails, and Abstract Geometry in Madrid (VIDEO)

Madrid-based Street Artist Spidertag is one of the new crop of young artists using yarn in their work; a genuine departure from aerosol and wheatpaste that once was an anomaly is now widespread enough to call a trend. Let’s call it New Folk Street Art – at least until next week when someone coins another term.

He’s done his share of aerosol bombing, but perhaps because one of his first loves was sculpture, Spidertag was looking for a new way to do interventions back in 2008. Coupled with an interest in abstract and geometrical design he began to experiment with materials that he could physically manipulate to sharpen shapes… and to interact with.


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)

Pounding nails into walls of abandoned buildings (and many other surfaces) was very satisfying and he began constructing and defining spaces with yarn around the iron post constellations. It was a good way to study in geometry and space and one that he continues to experiment with . After discovering the abstract geometrics and symbol-based work of fellow Street Artist and urban interventionist EC13, Spidertag knew he had found a kindred spirit to work with to call out, create and define spacial and planular dimensions in the man-made and natural environment.


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)

Today we look at community garden space Spidertag was drawn strongly to in downtown Madrid in the neighborhood of Lavapies, and the squatted garden called Solarpiés. “This is an abandoned place in the city center that was squatted by local people. Like many empty lots I saw in New York, people in my area have converted it into a free urban garden,” he says.

Brooklyn Street Art: You have done installations in abandoned places with nails and yarn previously. What characteristics are you looking for when selecting your next wall?
Spidertag: The location is almost everything to me. I look for special places that inspire me. That´s what I think Street Art is all about.


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)

Brooklyn Street Art: You speak about a new minimalism in your work – Does this refer to the amount of empty space that complements the occupied space?
Spidertag: More or less, yes. It´s about being more simple in the creation and composition. With this artwork, I think that I have started a new era for my work. What I´m doing now is more like the red parts of my piece; less of the green….

Brooklyn Street Art: Who are some of your favorite artists whose work influences this direction for you?
Spidertag: More than being influenced by other artists I would say I was more influenced by my collaborations with other street artists, especially EC13 that have brought me to this place.


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)


Spidertag. Madrid, Spain. 2014 (photo © courtesy Spidertag)

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Spidertag in Madrid: “Mucho Verde, Nuevo Rojo”


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