BSA Film Friday: 01.31.20

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. How Art Saved Swoon’s Life
2. The Masters: Futura 2000

BSA Special Feature: How Art Saved Swoon’s Life / The C Files with Maria Brito

In 2011 we had a show in Los Angeles called “Street Art Saved My Life”. It sounded like some humorous hyperbole but in reality, it was a sentiment we had heard many times in graffiti as well – including from tough-guy and tough-girl types who have told us with tears in their eyes that graffiti saved their lives. So the transformative power of art is not merely anecdotal at this juncture, and we patiently await the fields of science embracing it as well.

Witnessing the evolution of Street Artist/fine artist Swoon has been moving, and she’s generously opened the trip to you over the last decade. Because of this bravery, her painful growth and their accompanying revelations have enabled others to examine their own path. Certainly, you can relate to her when she says she realized, “There was damage. It was psychological and emotional… and it could be healed.”

“The thing about art-making for me is that it’s kind of like this pole that is in the center of your world and that the wind is blowing and your feet are off the ground and you feel like you are getting sucked away, but there is one thing that you can hold on to.”  

Dude, whatever it takes for any of us to be healed, let it be.

The Masters: Futura 2000

Essentially a tour through Futura’s creative and personal life, here you can see the fluid linearity of the creative spirit as it’s channeled through art, music, fashion, branding, the street and merchandising. We’re just thankful he shares the ride and gives us insights and observations along the way with his disarming humor and canny pronouncements.