BSA Film Friday: 01.10.20


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. SpY / Full Story / Takin Over Public Spaces In The City
2. Matth Velvet. Parees Festival 2019
3. Bomb Shelter/Pete Kirill/Wynwood, Miami

BSA Special Feature: SpY Takes Over Public Spaces

The brilliant Spanish interventionist is profiled here by a brand – but its not obtrusively involved in the video. His approach to the city is educational, humorous, full of adoration and witty simplicity. A graffiti writer who challenged himself to interact with the public spaces in new ways, he credits those early years bombing with his heightened understanding of the urban environment, and how to skillfully disrupt it.

SpY / Full Story / Takin Over Public Spaces In The City

Matth Velvet at Parees Festival 2019

A new video from PareesFest 2019 featuring a painter on the wall, and demonstrating the entirely different approach a mural is when realized with brushes. A tribute to historical Olloniego mining, the artist is Matth Velvet and the video is by Titi Muñoz.

Bomb Shelter/Pete Kirill/Wynwood, Miami

Taking the trip local, Pete Kirill tells you about his project in Wynwood, Miami – a graffiti and art supply store, gallery, and community hub that is rooted in graffiti and of course spreads out far from there. A unique opportunity to see this transformed neighborhood through the eyes of Miami folks – a mini tour of one spot just after the deluge of art fans and tourists during Art Basel, which happens in Miami every year at the beginning of December.