Australian Street Art Burns PM Scott Morrison, Coal, in Light of Popular Disgust

“Are you from the media? Tell the prime minister to go and get f**ked from Nelligen,” yells an exhausted firefighter out of his truck window to the TV cameras.

“This is fine” by artist Lush (JAMES ROSS/EPA-EFE/REX)

“Stand down now. You don’t deserve to govern. You knew this was coming. It’s been coming for a few years. You’ve been totally ignorant of it,” says another firefighter on a TV news interview as she lays bare her contempt for the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the wake of the worst fires ever sweeping the country. He’s been facing a lot of angry voices lately.

Morrison hits the high seas with bags of money while the forests goes up in flames in this wheatpaste by Huggies.

Surrounded by unprecedented fires and animal deaths that are widely predicted and attributed to the climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels, the PM nonetheless went to Hawaii for a vacation over the Christmas holiday while half of his country was in flames during the bushfire crisis.

A handmade sign rates the PM’s response to fires.

Naturally, Street Artists have been creating works to address the issue, as well as to accuse him and others of being employees of coal companies, especially in light of his perplexing denials of any relationship between fires and those related industries.

“The suggestion that there’s any one emissions reduction policy or climate policy that has contributed directly to any of these fire events is just ridiculous,” he’s quoted in The Guardian as saying this week.

Scott Marsh’s depiction of the Hawaii paradise that the PM enjoyed while his own country was engulfed in a bushfire crises back home.
Artist Van T Rudd surmises on his instagram @van.nishing
that the profiteers of the coal industry are responsible for the fires.