Love In The Time Of Corona: Pøbel

Our headline comes from adapting the title of a novel by the Nobel prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, replacing the infectious Corona for the infectious Cholera. In his love-triangle story, he speaks of the lessons learned from a particular woman, but he may as well have been speaking about the now-global crisis we humans are facing:

“(she) stood him on his head, tossed him up and threw him down, made him as good as new, shattered all his virtuous theories, and taught him the only thing he had to learn about love: that nobody teaches life anything.”

Pobel. Bryne, Norway. March 2020. ( photo © Tor Staale Moen)

In an encounter that feels like Norwegian magical realism, Street Artist Pøbel has left this love-struck couple grappling for one another in the city of Byrne.

Sadly, not even this mask-kissing precaution is enough to protect these lovers from the transmission.

Dr. Muhammad Munir of Lancaster University’s department of biomedical and life sciences, and an expert in viral diseases, says “It’s not just sex itself – it’s any contact involved during the act,” in an article in the Guardian. Journalist Sirin Kale reports there that “Even if you don’t kiss the person you are having sex with, you may still contract coronavirus.”

Pobel. Bryne, Norway. March 2020. ( photo © Tor Staale Moen)

Sorry people, we’ll need another strategy in this time of social distancing.  Magnanimously, world community members like the website PornHub are doing their share to pitch in during this time of need, by offering free premium service to Italy. Perhaps free premium porn will be soon available around the world.  

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the importance of disinfecting your phone, computer keyboard, and mouse.

Pobel. Bryne, Norway. March 2020. ( photo © Tor Staale Moen)

Our special thanks to BSA contributor Tor Staale Moen who shared these exclusive images from Bryne with BSA readers.

The Act Of Love. Meanwhile, on the streets of NYC, we have seen these posters around highlighting with images the topic(s) we just addressed above. (photo © Jaime Rojo)