BSA Film Friday 11.01.2019


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Paradox and CPT. OLF and Daredevilry in Berlin
2. The Tunnels. Nuart Festival 2019. A film by MZM Projects
3. Post-graffiti artist Jose Parla for ‘Isthmus’ in Instabul

BSA Special Feature: Paradox and CPT. OLF and Daredevilry in Berlin

In the videos featuring daredevilry, parkour and graffiti the Lengua Drona has been adding words to our visual vocabulary that were once reserved for extreme sporting, National Geographic docs, Crocodile Dundee and James Bond.

Now the pixação writer and urban climber, Paradox releases unprecedented adventure footage and editing from photographer CPT. Olf, and its sending shockwaves.

Somehow this is a new way to synthesize wall-climbing and train surfing; positioning it as a visual and audio symphony that almost makes you forget that these are graffiti vandals “fucking the system”, pushing their limits – and yours.

As you thrill to these evolving genre-combining aspects of Oleg Cricket, 1Up Crew, Berlin Kidz, and Ang Lee, it’s important to realize that these are real risks that people take that could result in serious injury, death, and rivers of grief if a miscalculation happens. So, yeah, we’re not endorsing the irresponsible risks or a mounting “arms race” of stunts, but we are endorsing the athleticism, imagination, and sheer slickness of this FPV drone mastery, which appears to have taken this stuff up another level.

Hold tight.

Currently Paradox is on exhibition at Urban Spree in Berlin, a show that we hope to see soon and pick up our own copy of “CPT.OLF 16-19”: The Photobook, published by Urban Spree Books in October 2019

The Tunnels. Nuart Festival 2019. A film by MZM Projects

A positioning in text, a re-strung manifesto for a moment from the past, now revisited in your Nuart or Nuart Aberdeen branded t-shirt. Here is the work in the tunnels of Tou Scene, unfolding before you by Ukranian directors and street scholars Kristina Borhes and Nazar Tymoshchuk. It’s a beehive of activity as participants in this years’ event in Stavanger, Norway
create their installations in preparation for the big opening.

“This film is a journey,” explain the directors/authors/poets/narrators, “it is moving backward from the last 7th tunnel until the introductory Tunnel Zero in order to show the development of the movement with its modern variety of artistic practices and the parallels with the past.”

Brand New, You’re Retro, that 90s jam from Tricky, is presented here as a doorway to pass through to get to the 70s and then to return through to see the last moments of the 10s. Here is open rebellion against a system that suckers you in, gives you succor, sucks you, and regales you succulently with a promise. Sung by angry hopeful canaries in the coalmine, here are some winners and losers, as ever. Shout out to Yatharth Roy Vibhakar for a splendid soundtrack that is glitchy and timely, of this time.

Post-graffiti artist Jose Parla for ‘Isthmus’ in Instabul

Jose Parla is not a Street Artist. He’ll tell you that himself. Here he presents himself as a post-graffiti artist in Istanbul. You may also see possible labels of public artist, artist working in public space, muralist, studio artist, sculptor, contemporary artist, gestural abstractionist, pottery designer, decollagist a la Villeglé – taking posters from the street and applying to canvas. Here you follow him in the streets as he creates his “first-ever exhibition in Turkey, inspired by the word ‘ISTHMUS,” consisting of a new body of works on paper, paintings, sculptures and ceramics.”