BSA Film Friday: 04.02.21

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. “We Run NYC” and the Return of Wholecar Graffiti Pieces
2. MADC1 in Abu Dhabi via Tost Films
3. El Mac in Wynwood, Miami

BSA Special Feature: “We Run NYC” and the Return of Wholecar Graffiti Pieces

NYC yards, layups, top-to-bottoms, wholecars. Is this 2021 or 1981?

The second volume of the mysterious project titled We Run NYC dropped this March 15th. on the System Boys Platform which reports on daily graffiti news since 2012. The project whose apparent goal is to bring back the golden years of subway art during the 70’s by painting whole subway cars in NYC is a mystery to most people. The writers themselves use different aliases when painting on the cars to evade the law.

We Run NYC / Vol. 01/10. For some reason Volume 1 from December 2019 has restrictions but you can watch it by clicking on WATCH ON YOUTUBE.

MADC1 in Abu Dhabi via Tost Films

See? I told you she’s mad!

In Abu Dhabi last year for @forabudhabi, German graffiti writer and mural artist Mad C (Claudia Walde) did her largest mural to date with a team that she says “from 7 different countries.” The 56 meter (184′) high piece is stunning in its warping geometry, full of action high above Al Ruwaysi Street.

El Mac in Wynwood

“With this piece, as with most of my pieces, my focus is on creating something with timelessness.” He succeeded in that pursuit because this large mural by El Mac in the Wynwood District of Miam has been there a couple of years already and still looks as fresh and immediate as the day he finished it.