BSA Film Friday: 07.19.19

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. WK Interact in NYC by Fifth Wall
2. Rub Kandy & Biancoshock: “All the Lights”
3. Not Rented To Humans: Grip Face
4. Elrow’art: Kaos Garden with Okuda San Miguel and Paco Osuna

BSA Special Feature: WK Interact in NYC by Fifth Wall

“It was some sort of freedom,” says WK in this retrospective of NYC locations that he tries to recall with original photo in hand overlaying the original city spot. For some of us, the memories of all of these spots are sufficient, as the city was different then – perhaps more wild and dirty. For WK, the stories and the memories continue to evolve.

Well shot and edited, its a mature way to let the artist speak and evocative of his current manner.

Rub Kandy & Biancoshock: “All the Lights”

In the face of sexy new machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence – and the auxiliary tales related to art-making, perhaps this video is a way of preserving the authentic feeling of human discovery in its unglamorous basicness. Not to overplay this, but this conceptual piece is a meditation on the underwhelming mechanized aspects of industry, a blatant taunt of banality in the midst of high gloss unrealness.

Ladies and gentlemen, the conceptual mundanity of the Italian urban artists Rub Kandy and Biancoshock, who here demonstrate how to create electricity with a generator in an abandoned industrial space. It’s a marvelously underwhelming demonstration of the means of production. To “jazz” things up they throw in intermittent blasts of pop-star banality as well, sprinkled with blinky graphics.

…Turn up the lights in here baby
Extra bright, I want y’all to see this
Turn up the lights in here, baby
You know what I need
Want you to see everything

Not Rented To Humans: Grip Face

First, they look like run down sheds, these new wooden structures in high weeds – possibly stopped mid-construction, perhaps during the last economic downturn. Here the missed opportunity of housing, suddenly coupled with the found opportunity of art exhibition!

“There’s something both bizarre and magical in abandoned places,” writes Grip Face in the description of this video. “The course of time invades them, colonizes them, makes it into its own. The invisible imprints impregnate the walls and the experiential trace of past inhabitants slips through the cracks like winter would through a badly insulated window.”

Elrow’art: Kaos Garden with Okuda San Miguel and Paco Osuna

A warmup video for multi-disciplinary artist Okuda San Miguel and dj/producer Paco Osuna and their creative intermingling of avant-garde aesthetics with electronic music to create their vision of ‘The Garden of Delights’. The premiere of the artistic partnership of Ink and Movement and elrow will be on September 28 at Amnesia Ibiza. Here’s a taste of things to come!