INO and “LOST” in the Port of Piraeus, Greece

She’s lost, so much on her mind.

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO)

The triangulation of financial, governmental, and corporate power locked Greece (and Europe) in a downward spiral only three years ago, and although there are some signs of stabilization this year, the downturn “wiped out a quarter of the nation’s economic value (and) runs deep and is still vivid in the minds and pocketbooks of the country’s 11  million citizens.

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO)

Perhaps this contributes to the troubled mind of INO’s latest full mural on the side of a hotel in the Port of Piraeus, Greece.

And what a port! Now 51 percent owned by the China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) , Piraeus is on track to be the busiest port of the Mediterranean in terms of container traffic by 2019.

Surely she must be overwhelmed by that prospect as well.

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO)

Possibly, she’s just mad about a boy – and springtime tends to mess with young people’s hearts more than others. Reminds you of that blues standard, “I’ve Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good.”  In a more contemporary vein she may be closer to Rianna’s new standard, “Love On The Brain.”

In any case, “They finally took off the scaffolding,” INO tells us. He says, “It’s a pretty woman who is thinking. She has a blue vortex on her mind.”

The title is “Lost”.

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO)

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO)

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO)

INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (Constantino Mass)

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