ASVP x Moniker x BSA

In advance of Moniker in Brooklyn this May, we are interviewing some of the artists who are influenced both by street practice and fine art as the contemporary urban art category continues to evolve. Today, BSA is talking to ASVP.

Bushwick, Brooklyn-based locals ASVP are a collaboration between Simon Grendene and Victor Anselmi, whose influences on the street in the print lab are drawn from advertising, pop/comic book culture, even Street Art.

Working since 2008 to develop a unique hand drawn style, they have done a number of murals on the street and special projects for corporate clients, including a mural for the recently completed William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg and a 70’ long mural commissioned by the city of Basel. Taking inspiration from many sources its the combination of painting and quality print making that remains central to their process and aesthetic.

ASVP (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Brooklyn Street Art: How would you describe your work to someone who is seeing it for the first time?
ASVP: If you’re seeing our work for the first time, we’re probably not there.

If we were, we wouldn’t tell them what to think or feel.

BSA: What is your intersection with Brooklyn and it’s history of Street Art and graffiti?
ASVP: Bushwick is an artistic community and that’s exactly what brought us here.

Another artist heard we were looking for a space, reached out and invited us to see the building where his studio was. We’ve been here ever since.

ASVP (photo © the artists)

BSA: What’s most important to you?
ASVP: Probably never having to stop making the work we do, before wanted to.

BSA: Are graffiti and Street Art allowed to change, or should there be a strict definitions they adhere to?
ASVP: Punk isn’t something that sounds like something, it’s the act of rebellion. Graffiti and Street Art are the same.

We hope the forms and styles always change. If it’s installed, pasted or painted with permission, it may be art, but it’s not something we would call Street Art or Graffiti.

ASVP (photo © Jaime Rojo)

BSA: Moniker says your work has been influential and/or fundamental to urban & contemporary art’s growth. Can you see their point?
ASVP: Sure. The creative atmosphere of Urban & Contemporary Art is oxygen that everyone is breathing. We’re happy to be a part of what is inspiring others. We’re equally happy to be on the receiving end of this, through the friends, artists who continually influence us and the work we make.

BSA: Name one artist whose work you admire today.
ASVP: Dave Chappelle

For more information please go to Moniker Art Fair HERE.