Team Robbo Disses Banksy at Berkshire Prison as He Creates Escape

What is this, 2011?

Two things you can count on with graffiti/street art;
1. Beef
2. Banksy will quite likely wiggle his way into the situation

Despite the death of graffiti writer King Robbo in 2014, his devoted team continues to pine for the days when the writer and the clever stencilist were busy egging each other on with aerosol. When you hear the words “Team Robbo” you may hearken back to Ye Olde 2009 when a feud began with Banksy going over a piece by the King in 2009.

Those seem like simpler days, weren’t they?

Banksy’s vandalized piece “Create Escape”. (photo © Paul Childs/Reuters)

Now the prison that once housed the brilliant bard and flamboyant fop Oscar Wilde is not-so-mysteriously adorned by a certain lad traveling all the way here in Berkshire from Bristol. Banksy imagines getting away from a confined life with this new piece called “Create Escape.” In an entertaining video below we find Banksy overlaying his nighttime spray capers with the gentle tones and textures of painting icon Bob Ross. You may smile when he talks about painting setting you free.

Suddenly the street art/graffiti network is buzzing with the news that the typewriter has been passionately buffed! And just look who is taking credit…

Banksy. The original “Create Escape” on a wall at Reading prison. Reading, Berkshire, England. (photo © Nigel Keene/ProSportsimages/Rex)

Banksy’s documented the mural’s execution and posted it on his Instagram.