Jose Miguel Mendez x Moniker x BSA

In advance of Moniker in Brooklyn this May, we are interviewing some of the artists who are influenced both by street practice and fine art as the contemporary urban art category continues to evolve. Today, BSA is talking to Jose Miguel Mendez.

It’s like an 80’s pop poster illustration with incredibly sunny, sometimes phosphourescent colors melting into bizarre sex fantasies that may include a crocodile.

The hormonally riotously funny references are obviously tugging at your instinct below the belt nature and before you know it you are in the back seat of a pink Cadillac convertible watching the palm trees fly by with all these hot chicks eating tacos, ice cream sundaes and of course hotdogs.

This is California-tweaked skateboarding graffiti culture via Spain and London, an absurd and humorous hybrid that is sure to shock the kids in Greenpoint.

Jose Miguel Mendez. (photo from the artist’s Instagram Account)

BSA: How would you describe your work to someone who is seeing it for the first time?
Jose Miguel Mendez: Currently it’s a mysterious tropical world full of crocodiles and girls, bold shapes, a colorful palette, wavy lines and a strong use of contrast.

BSA: What is your intersection with Brooklyn and it’s history of Street Art and graffiti?
Jose Miguel Mendez: I became interested in graffiti since a pretty young age. When growing up in Spain we had many American influences, especially from TV. Style Wars and Downtown 81 were the movies that made me want to come to NY and make art.

Jose Miguel Mendez. (photo from the artist’s Instagram Account)

BSA: What’s most important to you?
Jose Miguel Mendez: Freedom.

BSA: Are graffiti and Street Art allowed to change, or should there be a strict definitions they adhere to?
Jose Miguel Mendez: I think labels are good when you want to sell art. When it comes to creativity things change all of the time. We are in constant evolution so why can’t Graffiti and Street Art couldn’t go with it?

BSA: Moniker says your work has been influential and/or fundamental to urban & contemporary art’s growth. Can you see their point?
Jose Miguel Mendez: I think we should let Moniker answer that 😉

BSA: Name one artist whose work you admire today.
Jose Miguel Mendez: Raymond Pettibon

Jose Miguel Mendez. (photo from the artist’s Instagram Account)

For more information please go to Moniker Art Fair HERE.