Racing Character : Jim Avignon in Palestine, Greece, Italy, Germany, Peru

A constantly accelerating world is hard to document in a static mural, but Berlin’s Jim Avignon has been racing around the world to do it for quite a while. His bending neo-pop-comic illustration style cleverly points to his concerns about social, political and behavioral ills, as well as the communication and the technological race that appears to be outstripping our ability to adjust to it.


Jim Avignon. Ramallah, Palestine. (photo © Jim Avignon)

Travelling to Ramallah with the Goethe Institute last month, Jim created walls that are metaphorical, including one figure holding his own brain painted on the Separation Wall. Examine the figures and the symbols – sometimes they are simply attractive, while other times they have more developed meanings. With ongoing rhetoric in many countries about building walls to keep people in or keep people out – while business and trade walls continue to evaporate, Avignon may soon be lampooning walls on a wall.

Here are some more recent walls painted by artist Jim Avignon.


A collaborative piece by Jim Avignon and Sabea Senftenborg. Ramallah, Palestine. (photo © Jim Avignon)


Jim Avignon. Athens, Greece. (photo © Jim Avignon)


Jim Avignon. Lima, Peru. (photo © Jim Avignon)


Jim Avignon. Marina di Ravenna, Italy. (photo © Jim Avignon)


Jim Avignon. Berlin, Germany. (photo © Jim Avignon)


Jim Avignon. Tagesspiegel, Berlin. (photo © Jim Avignon)