Fintan Magee in Rome and Rising Tides Around Your Knees

Fintan Magee typically can knock out one of his murals rather quickly in a matter of 4 or 5 days, thanks to experience and focus. In Rome for his new show at the Varsi Gallery, he had to work between the raindrops and wind of inclement weather to create this magic realism inspired image of a woman up to her knees in a rising tide.


Fintan Magee for Varsi Gallery in Rome. (photo © @blindeyefactory)

Originally more of an aerosol painter, the Australian is now very painterly, perhaps inspired by expressionists but able to slightly bend reality to present an immediacy that nearly speaks audibly. This image again references rising sea levels and Climate Change, a commentary on our actions and their now-evident impact on the environment, animal habitats, and our communal ecosystem.

One might say that the continuing campaign of rising waters in his murals may obliquely refer to various political tides that are washing up on streets in cities. For certain, Magee continues to sharpen his craft as he travels the world.


Fintan Magee for Varsi Gallery in Rome. (photo © @blindeyefactory)


Fintan Magee for Varsi Gallery in Rome. (photo © @blindeyefactory)



Thank you to Giorgio and Lorenzo at Blind Eye Factory for sharing these photos and video with us.
Fintan Magee’s wall project was produced by Galleria Varsi and Muracci nostri with the collaboration of “Vengo da Primavalle” and ” Bronx a Colori”.