“SOLD” Mag Hits Brooklyn

A spotlight today on a new grassroots publishing project by artists for artists called SOLD. The product of three editors, two of whom are Street Artists, the paper/magazine debuted last Thursday at a raucous and fun-filled party and art show at 17 Frost gallery space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


“I’ve always wanted to make a street art magazine that’s given away for free to expose the unknown artists to the street art neighborhoods of New York,’ says JPO in the opening letter from himself, BD White, and Greg Frederick. The cover story is on Elle and Gilf!, with features and studio visits with artists London Kaye, Jenna Morello, Mishab & Hiss, each talking about their practice in the studio and on the street. The issue also includes a selection of photos from Miami’s Art Basel, cartoons, and a map of where to find street art in Williamsburg.

Funded by the donations of money, art, and time from artists and street art fans, SOLD is a proud achievement that speaks to the vision of its editors and a community. We are well acquainted with the number of hours and effort it takes to produce such a labor of love and we’re proud to recommend that BSA readers check out SOLD.

See the Instagram @soldmag for more information.



Photos © Jaime Rojo


For more information about where to purchase a subscription and/0r to get SOLD on your hands click HERE