BSA Film Friday: 02.03.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. NEMCO, Three Stages: Primaticcio. Part I
2. NEMCO, Three Stages: Salento. Part II
3. NEMCO, Three Stages: Tetto. Part III
4. Run AKA Giacomo Bufarini: Time Traveller Artist Man
5. Saving Banksy
6. Berlin Kidz and Grifters Code 6: Über Freaks (Trailer)


BSA Special Feature: Three Walls by Nemco in Italy

Taking a break from the hype, here are three in a row straight up graffiti painting videos, each intriguing in their own way, from Italian writer Nemco. Unpretentious style, clean lettering, flexible concepts, and a bit of retro flavor that lets you know this is a way of life, not a pose to strike. Enjoy all three.

NEMCO, Three Stages: Primaticcio. Part I


NEMCO, Three Stages: Salento. Part II


NEMCO, Three Stages: Tetto. Part III


Run AKA Giacomo Bufarini: Time Traveller Artist Man

London based Italian Street Artist RUN has completed his first book of his work, a labor that he has been talking about since we met him a year ago in Morocco.

Tristan Manco describes it as “Part travelling diary, part monograph, Time Traveller Artist Man charts the triumphs and tribulations of an imaginative soul with a passion for travel, whose worldwide voyages have become a catalyst to create art that is elemental and playful, with the ultimate goal of engaging with people from all walks of life.”

We’ll show it to you once we get a copy! It is sure to be a fine work by a fine artist.

Opening in New York Tonight February 3rd

Saving Banksy

“We paint in the streets. That’s where it belongs”, says Street Artist Ben Eine in the new “Saving Banksy” film, and that’s where the debate originates. Of course that’s never where it ends.

For this weekend’s showtimes go to Cinepolis 

260 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
(212) 691-5519

Berlin Kidz and Grifters Code 6: Über Freaks (Trailer)

Good Guy Boris tells us that his new film Über Freaks is going to streamed live on Facebook February 8th! Of course you need to check your local times so you make sure you don’t show up to your computer with popcorn and its already over!

08 February 2017

20p.m. (GMT+1) [ Belgium / France / Germany / Italy / Netherlands / Spain timezones ]
US (EST – New York) – Wednesday 14p.m.
AUSTRALIA (AEDT – Sydney) – Thursday 06a.m.
Check your city timezone here.

Über Freaks takes place deep in the heart of Berlin, and chronicles what it’s like to be part of a close knit group, who get their kicks by roping down buildings with the barest of safety precautions, climbing buildings by way of their exteriors, and lock-picking their way through the whole of the city and its Metro stations. The film can be considered a joyride for the viewer, as they are finally granted a backstage pass to the exclusive and hectic lifestyle of the Berlin Kidz, being privy to a whole world of adrenaline and thrill seeking that occurs just outside their apartment windows.”

Also a new book release from The Grifters!

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