BSA Film Friday: 08.21.15




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. (RE) Prisma by Narcelio Grud
2. Cranio in France
3. Wall Therapy 2015: Li-Hill


BSA Special Feature: Narcelio Grud and Mara Hope

The ship Mara Hope, stranded for 30 years on Iracema Beach alongside the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, received a benediction of more color in July thanks to Street Art interventionist and experimenter Narcelio Grud. A mistake in 1985, the ship has become a monument over time, a symbol of the history of the fishing industry, and after so many years a symbol of personal history for people who have grown up with it.

Grud says that he was bringing local color out to the sea, a way to reach out to this large hulking object that has been abandoned and forgotten. The video gives a better idea of the scale of the piece and keeps in perspective the relative impact that an artist can have.


Cranio in France

The Brazilian artist Cranio; Ever wonder what is in his cranium? Here it spills out across this great wall in the southern suburbs of Paris. As the painting is gradually unveiled you can see the increased interest of passersby and how the public space is converted into a gathering area for discussion and community.

Wall Therapy 2015: Li-Hill