Owen Dippie is Dangerous in LA

Finishing up his bi-coastal tour of the US, Owen Dippie gave Los Angeles a dangerous mural before heading back to New Zealand. Complete with an official unveiling, the draping of US, Mexican, and New Zealand flags, and a re-enactment of the zombie scene from Thriller, Dippie needed only to show Michael Jackson’s eyes to evoke the memory of the larger-than-life superstar performer. It may be the detail or it may be the scale of the mural he is calling “Dangerous” in Downtown LA but anyone who passes by gets caught in Michael’s gaze for a moment.


Owen Dippie (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


Owen Dippie (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


Owen Dippie (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


Owen Dippie. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


Owen Dippie. Thriller. (photo © Courtesy of the artist)


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