Salton Sea Road Trip with Eddie Colla, 2wenty, Caratoes, and Nite Owl

New images today from the barren detritus by Salton Sea in the Colorado Desert near the San Andreas fault line. Here near the water is a landscape littered with sheet metal, stories, tumbleweeds, and skeletons of simple squat structures once useful, now merely casting a shadow.

Until someone decides to clean up the man made remnants of industry and architecture you can be sure that some artist is going to consider that leaning structure or door-less domain to be exactly the perfect canvas for experimentation. Saltier than the Pacific ocean, this sea is also man made; “accidentally created by the engineers of the California Development company in 1905,” says the Wiki entry, and the arid climate will likely keep some of these facades till they are fossils.


Dark pop illustrational psychodelia from Caratoes  (photo © 2wenty)

Far from any cities or urban landscapes,  four Bay Area artists took a road trip recently to do some site specific works and to photograph each others’ creations here under the enormous expanse of sky. Thanks to Eddie Colla, 2wenty, Caratoes, and Nite Owl for sharing what they found here, and to Nastia Voynovskaya for bringing this to our attention.


“2wenty takes long­ exposure shots that enable him to write in the air by physically moving a light source across the frame as the camera captures its motion,” says Nastia Voynovskaya, “This writing, invisible to the naked eye, lives on only in the form of photography.” 2wenty (photo © 2wenty)


Nite Owl (photo © 2wenty)


Nite Owl (photo © Nite Owl)


Nite Owl (photo © Nite Owl)


Eddie Colla (photo © Eddie Colla)


Eddie Colla (photo © Eddie Colla)


Eddie Colla (photo © Eddie Colla)


Eddie Colla (photo © Eddie Colla)


Eddie Colla (photo © Eddie Colla)


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