BSA Film Friday: 08.08.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

  1. Vhils: Diorama

  2. Vhils: Dissection

  3. Saber and ZES/MSK in Downtown LA

  4. Lush and Dscreet in Amsterdam

  5. Cranio in Shoreditch, London

BSA Special Feature: VHILS: Diorama

A tuning fork mystery infused background soundtrack suspends the slowly rotating portrait by Vhils as you hover above and within it like an alien discovering the topography of a vast cityscape. The laser cut Styrofoam enables such an exquisite experience for discovery that feels otherworldly, and then you think, “but how do I clean this when the dust builds up?”

A. Don’t be so plebeian, B. canned air,  C. when was the last time you dusted anything, I’m the one who keeps this apartment clean. You just track in dirt from the streets. I just mopped this floor!


Vhils: Dissection

In this other video for the EDP foundation from Vhils, we see a further exploration of materials and construction in reverse. With the echoes of its history washing around, the subway car is dismantled; a furtherance of the concepts that the Street Artist employs in the process of creation.



Saber and ZES/MSK in Downtown LA

Its the simple things in life that make summer in the city such a blast. Like spraying paint with a fire extinguisher and collaborating with your bud on a wall while the sun shines. What’s not to like?


Lush and Dscreet in Amsterdam

And on a different note, the menacing brilliance of this outlaw reeks of mockery and societal unraveling. Yet, sexy and funny and built on a pop culture series of references that you have forgotten or never heard of. You had us at Tricky Dick.

Cranio in Shoreditch, London

In what has evidently been turned into a commercial wall that advertizes with Street Art, this four panel Shoreditch spot is next to continuous traffic and gets plenty of eyeballs. Cranio is featured here popping up and down ladders with a soundtrack of peppy celebration music to promote a gambling site with images of sports.