Alice Pasquini e Una Donna, Memorie Urbane 2014


“I just finished my latest wall in Itri, Italy for the Memorie Urbane Festival,” says Alice Pasquini about her new piece here on BSA.  The engagement with the community is one of the fascinating aspects of public art, and sometimes an artist can be surprised by the comments and conversations sparked by their work – and who they meet on the street.


Alice Pasquini. Itri, Italy. (Photo © Jessica Stewart)

Inspired by the neo-realist 1960 film ‘La Ciociara’ (Two Women) directed by Vittorio De Sica, the artist creates a portrait of its star, Sophia Loren, which she painted over two days. During that time she really understood the importance of context.

“I was visited by elderly residents of the town, many of whom remember when the filming took place and shared their stories.  One woman, now in her late 80s, had a small role in the film and explained that with the fee she was paid, she was able to support her family of five children,” says Pasquini.


Alice Pasquini. Itri, Italy. (Photo © Jessica Stewart)


Alice Pasquini. Itri, Italy. (Photo © Jessica Stewart)


Alice Pasquini. Itri, Italy. (Photo © Jessica Stewart)


Alice Pasquini. Itri, Italy. (Photo © Jessica Stewart)


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